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User-friendly SEO structure helps search engines to crawl your pages and comprehend what they are about. URLs of your page should be simple and descriptive so that users understand them well. On-page Search engine optimization is the method involved with upgrading the genuine substance on your page. It incorporates improvements made to appear endlessly happy in the source code.

Preparing an SEO checklist will make your search engine increase performance. It is essential to prepare SEO checklists because search is one of the primary ways individuals find web-based content. 

Ultimate SEO Checklist for Positive Performance

1. Basic SEO checklist

The basic SEO checklist includes the fundamentals of SEO. The following are the tools under this:

  • Setup The Google Search Console
  • Install Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install Yoast SEO
  • Create and submit a sitemap

2. Technical SEO Checklist

It focuses on improving a website’s technical aspects to increase its ranking in search engines. Following is the technical SEO checklist:

  • Plan your website structure
  • Make sure the site is crawlable
  • Your site must be indexable
  • Make sure you are using HHTPs
  • Make your site accessible at one domain
  • Your site needs to load fast
  • Your site also needs to be mobile-friendly

3. Keyword Research Checklist

As every good digital marketing company will tell you, keyword research underpins website optimization. With this in mind, in this section we shall suggest the best way to track down keywords your clients look for rapidly.

Following is the keyword research checklist:

  • Find a primary keyword
  • Assess search intent
  • Assess your chances of ranking
  • Research what people want to know

4. On-page SEO Checklist

It is sometimes known as on-site SEO. It optimises web pages to boost the website’s position in search results and attract and retain organic visitors.

Following are on-page SEO checklist:

  • Use short, descriptive URLs
  • Write a compelling meta description
  • Write an effective title tag
  • Link to relevant resources 
  • Optimise your images
  • Add internal links

5. Content Checklist

Content checklist subtleties every one of the means site proprietors and content designers ought to follow before making web content. It offers a system for content makers to distribute quality substance that positions high in indexed lists and drives traffic and leads. Following is the content checklist. 

  • Solve the reader’s problems
  • Write a winning introduction
  • Use creative subheadings related to keywords
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • Add a table of content

6. Link Building Checklist

Link building checklist is a website improvement procedure that expands your web index positioning. Links are one of the important ways web crawler calculations decide the page’s relevance. 

Following are some link-building checklists:

  • Replicate your competitor’s links 
  • Reclaim lost links
  • Public guest posts
  • Pitch resources pages
  • Pursue unlinked mentions


SEO is very important. Therefore, readers should understand that checklist creation is very important for good writing. It helps you in conducting a comprehensive SEO audit on any website. For every successful essay, it is necessary to follow a discipline and ranking factor in SEO

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