March 29, 2023 3:00 PM
Alcohol Promotions

Alcohol marketing strategies always look for ways to retain loyal customers and add potential customers. However, to have a marketing strategy for all legal age groups,  you have to update it a bit. 

Fortunately, the alcohol promotions at Megaworxx stand out. It offers responsible,  creative, and legal marketing ideas that create incredible brand awareness. So,  without further delay, let’s look at six proven ways to promote alcohol. 

  1. Point of Sale Marketing 

Whether it’s beer, wine, vodka, or anything, initiating alcohol promotions at the point of sale is a smart idea. At the point of purchase, you’re pretty clear that all the people present there are your potential customers. So create an impact that lasts.  Some of the ways to do it are: 

Freestanding Displays: A creative display on the shelf or ground presenting your brand creates immense brand awareness. 

Floor Graphics: They make a memorable impression and can be added to guide customers toward the brand. 

A Store Within a Store: A small vendor shop featuring your products can create a  substantial impact.

  1. Organizing Events 

Organizing events at the most famous liquor stores and outdoor locations where the sale is permitted is a successful way to promote your alcohol brand. You can  achieve it by: 

Alcohol Tasting: You can arrange alcohol-tasting booths in large retail stores or outdoor events. A booth with an inviting appearance and knowledgeable staff will attract new customers to taste the liquor. Moreover, you can gain significant customers through effective communication, feedback, and other strategies. 

Promotional Giveaway Events: Customers love free products. For special occasions,  you can gift items featuring your brand’s logo and journey, such as coasters, bottle openers, flasks, shot or rock glasses, bags, etc. 

Cocktail Programs: You can organize cocktail programs outdoors or on-premises. As an organizer, you can invite experts and arrange competitions and tastings. In addition, you can spread the word through various verbal and digital strategies during this event. 

  1. Creating Brand Ambassadors 

Using brand ambassadors to give a friendly face to your brand is a smart way to attract customers. These brand ambassadors can connect, answer queries and engage positively with customers. Therefore, having a face for your brand is crucial for creating an impact.  

  1. Outdoor Advertising 

Large-scale outdoor advertising will reach many people and make your brand prominent. Some of the ways to practice outdoor advertising are: 

Branded Trucks: Branded trucks are a multimedia-equipped fleet with LED extensions and connectivity. They indulge in direct promotion and sales and take your brand to new locations. 

Branded Containers: Branded containers are a mobile showroom with high-tech support.  

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing also effectively attracts young customers under the legal age. Organizing contests, feedback, and giveaways, and spreading information about events through social media is very helpful. Also, you can collaborate with influencers who can smartly market your product. 

  1. Loyalty and Rewards Programs 

An exclusive feeling is always special! You can let your customers enjoy loyalty and reward programs through a creative marketing scheme. It can be vouchers,  discount coupons, first-time buyer discounts, and many other programs. This will make your brand more friendly and reliable.

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