February 7, 2023 12:29 AM
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Have you missed your child or perhaps even you enthusiastically singing the catchy Toys R Us jingle. “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid”? Well, it’s back, courtesy to Macys, along with Geoffrey the Giraffe. Who is popular but occasionally frightful.

Parents and children have flocked to the good toy stores for more than 70 years. All of that happiness and celebration. However, came to an abrupt end in 2017 when the business was forced to close. The frantic, late-night run to Toys R Us on Christmas Eve to buy. The one toy your child had vociferously demanded just hours before they might die. If they didn’t seem like a distant memory. Toys R Us is back, though, now.

In 2022, Macys pounced and reintroduced the vibrant toy brand to the mainstream retail market. Both online and in its more than 400 retail locations. The biggest toy store in the world is currently expanding in 2022. There will be colorful fixtures, and interactive demonstrations. And a life-size “Geoffrey on a Bench” photo opportunity for families in every Macy’s store as The Toys R Us Shop comes to life.

Nata Dvir, the chief merchandiser at Macys coupons, says the company is eager to replicate the Toys R Us experience at its establishments. We want Toys R Us to be a place where children of all ages find the joy of play and exploration and where families can make precious memories.

From October 15 through October 23, all Macys locations will offer 9 days of in-store Toys R Us celebrations. These events will feature family and friendly activities or daily giveaways from major brands.

Macys Toys At The Toys R Us Shop

The Toys R Us Shop looks exactly like its previous website did. It contains both traditional favorites and the most recent toy fads and is arranged by age, toy type, characters, and companies.

These are some of our favorites, making us long to return to our Toys R Us says:

Ultimate Tie Dye Set By Macys

The 148-piece FAO Schwarz tie-dye set is a must-have item for the entire family can enjoy as the fad of tie-dying things is here to stay. It comes with three fabric objects that you can start making right away, iron-on patches for maximum design possibility, glitter spray, 10 brilliant color dyes, six pairs of gloves, rubber, and a safe workspace sheet.

Barbie Huge Doll By Macys

A Barbie doll that is “big” is exactly the attitude we need. Each Barbie Extra makes a dramatic fashion statement in its own special way. Their lovely and distinctive dogs provide a tonne of personality. With glitter, gummy bears, emojis, and outstanding hair that exudes Good vibes everywhere they go, they are about having fun with fashion.

FAO Schwarz Husky Stuffed Animal

This 12-inch little boy could be the second best thing if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for a genuine puppy and you don’t have to bother about training him. This incredibly cuddly and cozy friend, who comes with a detachable party hat, will capture your child’s heart and inspire their creativity.

Ultimate Learning Bot By Macys

There are four different ways to play with this adorable playing bot for babies (6 months and older). It offers entertaining lighting, music, & hands-on activities for young children to explore. Switch up the learning material to develop with your child with the Smart Stages technology.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Play Set

A portable toy that is little but extremely powerful is the Hot Wheels Monster Truck. You can let your Hot Wheels play tricks, crash, smash, and fly in the super-cool. And 35-inch monster truck tire arena once it opens (along with a scoreboard)! The set comes with two plastic crushed automobiles, a scoreboard, a Tiger Shark monster truck, and a Hot Wheels 1:64 size vehicle.

Play Suitcase from the Disney Princess Style Collection

This Disney Princess Playset may be the best interim option. If your child constantly longs for a family vacation—hey, don’t we all? With help of your thoughts, you may use this playset to travel anywhere or in elegance. It comes with 17 doll-sized travel accessories, including doll-sized luggage, a passport, headphones, and eye masks.

Mattel UNO Triple Play

The traditional Uno card game is undergone a significant improvement, and the whole group will find it simple and engaging. The game is made much more thrilling with the addition of lights, and audio. And a timer in this more recent model. This Uno Triple Play is going to a big hit at the next family game night.

Deluxe 200mm Wheels Kick Folding Scooter

To be honest, we also have this specific Razor Scooter on our holiday wish list! This model, the Lux Deluxe, has added large wheels that can significantly smoothen your ride. Additionally, this scooter may adjusted in height, is completely collapsible for storage anyplace, and needs no installation.

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