February 2, 2023 7:36 PM

A cesarean section, or C-section for short, is a huge surgery to deliver a baby.To file a medical malpractice claim, click here and talk to a personal injury attorney today. 

The importance of a timely cesarean section 

A lack of oxygen supply is one of the major causes of a baby’s distress. If such a situation continues, the baby may suffer irreversible brain damage. A physician must perform an emergency cesarean section surgery to deliver the baby if the baby’s distress can not be remedied immediately. 

This is a multicountry, facility-based survey that used a stratified multistage cluster sampling design to obtain a sample of countries and health institutions worldwide. A total of 24 countries and 373 health facilities participated in this study.

If a hospital cannot perform an emergency cesarean section, they do not meet the standard of care. 

What are the risks associated with not performing a cesarean section on time? 

Some of the risks associated with not performing a cesarean section surgery on time are.

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