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Most online information comes from servers hosting websites, email services, and other similar resources. There are many different server platforms (operating systems). Linux, based on Unix, and Microsoft Windows are the two most popular OSes. More than two-thirds of servers run Linux, while Windows is the primary operating system for the remaining one-third. The reason is the multiple features of Linux hosting; also, Linux hosting with cPanel is cheaper than other hostings.

In particular, multinational corporations (MNCs) and technology firms (IT firms) heavily use web hosting. In their minds, this raises the question, “Which server should we choose, and why?” concerning the OS. Consequently, pick an OS based on the necessary features for their needs and, most importantly, the cost of hosting. There are now many variables that affect the cost-benefit analysis of server hosting. Factors such as the OS’s user interface, accessibility, and security are used in the calculation.

What is Linux Web Hosting?

In the context of web hosting, Linux hosting refers to the use of the Linux operating system. Linux web hosting is cheaper than other hostings and simpler to administer, contributing to its rising popularity. Because of its cost-effectiveness and widespread availability, Linux is the operating system for most shared web hosting services. Furthermore, because of its open-source nature and compatibility with a wide variety of websites and web applications, the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack is a popular choice for web server software.

To create a website that runs on the Linux operating system, you’ll need to find a web host that supports Linux. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why it matters and how you can implement it into your site’s design. In terms of Linux hosting, LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and LEMP (Linux Embedded Media Server) are the most well-known options (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP). Compared to other hosting options, such as Windows-based hosting, these servers are often favoured due to the increased level of control they provide.

Why is Choose Cheap Linux Hosting with cPanel?

As a general rule, cPanel hosting refers to web hosting that runs on Linux and comes with the cPanel control panel pre-installed. Cheap Linux hosting with cPanel accounts for managing your website’s hosting settings. In light of this, cPanel can be used for various hosting solutions, such as shared, dedicated, and managed WordPress. If you’re starting with control panels and want something simple, Linux web hosting is a good option and cheaper than other hostings. Let’s go through some of the astonishing features of Linux hosting;

Freely Available Source Code

It is open-source software with its code freely available for anyone to view, modify, or rewrite. Changing the OS is a simple task for any programmer. The code can be used for anything, and anyone can contribute to, modify, distribute, and improve it.


Developers generally prefer Linux hosting due to its superior security features. It’s not bulletproofed, but it’s safer than most options. A user with administrative privileges must approve each application individually. Unless the administrator enters a password, the virus will not be activated. Therefore, using an antivirus programme is unnecessary on a Linux computer.


The fact that cheap Linux web hosting doesn’t cost anything to download and install is unquestionably its biggest perk. The software is readily available for download, and a license not required. It’s free and open to use with the GNU General Public License (General Public License). The cost of licensing alternative operating systems is prohibitive.


In comparison to other OSes, Linux is very lightweight. Therefore, it has much lower system requirements than other operating systems. Moreover, it uses less memory and space on your hard drive. Many Linux distributions could function with as little as 128 MB of RAM and about the same amount of disc space.


The reliable Linux hosting with cPanel surpasses that of competing OSes. For Linux, a restart isn’t necessary to keep things running smoothly. A hiccup or slowdown is exceptionally uncommon. The gains are substantial.


Cheap Linux hosting is known for its speed and versatility across various networks. In addition, it can support many users at once and is more affordable than other hostings.


It is a highly adaptable operating system. In addition, it’s not limited to server applications but can also be used in embedded systems and desktop computers. As a bonus, it includes several ways to restrict access to specific PCs. You can tailor a system installation to include only the components required for operation.

Maintenance and Enhancements to Software

The Linux operating system puts the responsibility for installing and updating programs in the hands of the users themselves. You can pick and choose the necessary upgrades. Quite a few updates for the system are readily available. You can update the operating system much quicker than others. As a result, updating the system is a simple process.


There is a plethora of Linux distributions out there. It gives users access to numerous Linux distributions and customizations. You can select any distributions that suit your needs. Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and countless others are just a few of the most well-known distributions.

How is Linux Web Hosting Cheaper than Other Hostings?

Cheap Linux hosting comes to mind first when thinking about the best web hosting at affordable prices. It has the largest hosting market share in the world, making it more scalable, flexible, and cheaper than other hostings. Just as most servers compete to control the web hosting market, there is a war between Windows and Linux server operating systems. Linux hosting with cPanel unquestionably dominates the industry as it offers the most beneficial services at the most reasonable costs.

The fact that Linux is a customizable server is likely why many new users have chosen it over Windows. Based on the servers sold by different companies, Linux has a 20-40% market share in the hosting services industry as it did in 2009. After that, Linux’s popularity skyrocketed, and now, according to data from hosted websites, it controls 70% of the server market.

Bottom Line

Many prefer Linux servers because they are dependable and cheaper than other hostings. And it is based on an open-source software design. RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and so on are just a few of the distributions that offer it. Linux is a modern operating system because it is open source and, therefore, free to download. Businesses of all sizes have switched to Linux hosting due to the lower costs associated. Windows is a Microsoft product that requires a separate license, making it more expensive than competing hosting platforms. In addition, the price of Windows hosting is higher than that of Linux or Unix due to the extra features that come with Windows hosting.

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