February 6, 2023 11:50 PM

More businesses are becoming aware of and prioritizing data management. This movement isn’t a product of herd mentality; it’s adopting an effective tool for managing organization needs and promoting the company’s growth.  

The importance of quality data that’s easily accessible within an organization, regardless of size and type, can no longer be underestimated as it can shape a company’s direction in a world that generates loads of data.  

In case you’ve still not gotten the memo and are wondering why enterprise data management is essential for your business, this article highlights some of the no-brainer reasons you should start implementing a data management strategy. 


Applications of Enterprise Data Management 

 The chief use case of EDM is to provide businesses with a system that helps them easily complete data transfers to various partners, processes, and applications. When done effectively, processes are streamlined, and operational effectiveness and efficiency increase. 

Another benefit that EDM offers is reduced internal time devoted to monitoring new data. An EDM will help organizations bolsters general trust in an organization’s policies and contents through the effective management and organization of their assets’ constant changes and variations. 

Various ways EDM can help an organization include: 

  • To organize, discover, and effectively utilize their data 
  • Adopt a data-driven, analytical approach to business operations 
  • Making more informed and sensible choices 
  • Making effective business plans for the future  
  • Simplifying operational procedures 
  • Improving performance effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Developing and securing a trust for assets. 

Simply put, enterprise data management offers a streamlined, standardized system for organizations to find, manage, access, store, and secure their data.  

That begs the question, “how do you ensure effective data management?” 

Some key elements of enterprise data management ensure an EDM system’s successful deployment that produces desired results.  


Critical Elements of an Effective Enterprise Data Management 


The successful deployment of an EDM system depends on the following key components: 


  1. Data Governance

 Data governance — a set of guidelines guaranteeing the excellent quality of data across all stages of its life — is the initial stage in Enterprise Data Management systems. This stage is completed by producing factual information and data that is consistent and accurate.  


  1. Data Integration

 Another critical component to successfully implementing an EDM system is the standardized data integration of all information and assets into internal and external applications and communications. Data integration ensures that various organizational branches can access all data types in real-time.  


  1. Data Accessibility

 In addition to data integration, data accessibility is also an essential component for running a successful EDM. Data must be accessible quickly and effectively so that decision-makers can leverage all resources to guide the organizational direction and make the best decisions. 


  1. Data Security 

Finally, the last ingredient for effective enterprise data management is data security. The capacity to store, safeguard, and protect data and assets is known as data security. Reasons to secure data, internally and internationally, include anti-theft, anti-leak, anti-corruption, and anti-destruction procedures. 


Benefits of an Effective Enterprise Data Management Strategy 


An effectively implemented data management strategy has numerous advantages for businesses. Among these advantages are: 


  1. Productivity and Efficiency Levels Increases 

Employees can readily access and use data when adequately handled, boosting production and efficiency. 


  1. More effective decision-making

Decision-makers are better able to make educated decisions if they have quick access to reliable and recent data. 


  1. Lower costs

The price of storing and retrieving data might be decreased with the right plan. 


  1. Increased Data Protection

An effective EDM should protect sensitive data from misuse and illegal access with a sound strategy. 


  1. Enhanced client support

Customer service personnel can provide prompt and accurate service with readily available data. 


  1. Identify and Eliminate hidden risks

A study on Enterprise Risk Data Management revealed that proper enterprise data management helps organizations discover hidden data assets and assess their value and risk level. 

Now that you know what an effective EDM can do for your business, let’s talk about the effects of an ineffective EDM system or not having one in place. 


What Problems Does Ineffective Data Management Create? 


IDC projections in an article release estimated that the compound annual growth rate of the total global data from 2020 to 2024 is 23%.  Enterprise Data Management is essential to an organization’s success due to the vast volume of data and the constant influx of new data. 

However, many firms have trouble with enterprise data management, mainly if they didn’t implement policies and systems years ago. Many businesses today feel lost in a veritable sea of old and new data and are unsure how to manage and safely preserve their ever-changing assets. 

Unfortunately, a wide range of issues can occur for companies when data is maintained incorrectly. 

Among the issues that might arise from improper or ineffective business data management: 

  • Conflicting data 
  • Decreased data quality 
  • Diminished employee and partner trust 
  • Inconsistencies in organizational operations 
  • Inconsistencies in reporting 
  • Internal frustrations 
  • Reduced trust in assets 


Bottom Line 

Not everyone is adept at mastering the art of managing data. The ideal option is to have an internal or external consultant with experience setting up enterprise data management services and solutions.  

Their expertise can assist in determining the best technology to use for your specific use cases. They can also assist in your company’s smooth adoption of EDM by helping in avoiding hazards like unintentional data loss or legal infractions. 

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