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If you did not know that you can get instant cash in return for the sale of your house, then be informed that there are companies that buy houses for cash. These companies purchase properties from home sellers and help you if you want money quickly.

Types of cash buyer companies

Looking for we buy houses for cash near me? There are two types of cash-buying companies. The first one is the We Buy Houses for Cash company that buys homes at a discounted rate compared to their FMV or market value. These companies buy properties that are in the worst state.

The second lot of the companies that buy houses for cash are the iBuyers. These companies are known to provide competitive offers and match the value of your home. They evaluate what your home is worth in the open market and provide you with money accordingly. One of the challenges is that they operate in only some metro areas and have strict home eligibility criteria.

If you want to sell your house to a cash buyer, then it is suggested that you should get a professional home valuation done by a professional. Then, you can compare the cash offer to what the agent feels about your home. This will ensure that you get a fair price for your property.

So, if you want help in finding the best realtor, then many real estate companies can match you with their agent and provide you with the best service. The realtors can also help you with a free home valuation and marketing plan to know the worth of your home.

Best candidates for “Houses for Cash”

You can consider selling your home to the companies that buy houses for cash if your priority is to close the sale quickly and you may not prioritize making the most money from the home sale. So, you can consider both the We Buy Houses company or an iBuyer depending upon the condition of your home and whether you stay at a place where buyer services are provided.

We Buy Houses for Cash companies can be a good alternative for sellers who are into foreclosure or property inheritance or distressed property. iBuyers is the best option for sellers who want a convenient and fast sale for a home that has a good condition. iBuyer is a much better option than We Buy Houses companies as they pay a higher amount for your home than the former. Though only a handful of sellers qualify for an iBuyer offer. As per Opendoor reviews, iBuyers pay well as they have strict purchase criteria and operate in select markets. We Buy Houses for Cash is a great option if you want to get away with a distressed property.

Another good option for homeowners is to consult a real estate agents. These agents specialize in helping you with quick sales. You can be assured that working with a skilled and experienced agent will get you a higher sale price on the open market. So, working with a proficient local realtor will get you the best money for your home sale. So, if you need to make a quick sale, a realtor will help you find the best route to sell your house as per the timeline.

Which companies buy houses for cash?

So, here are the options for you to contact these companies in case you want to sell your home and get cash in return.


The home sellers who want to sell their home quickly and want to work with an iBuyer then Offerpad is a good option for them. They get you a good price for your home and keep your home’s equity. Not like other cash buyers, Offerpad makes cash offers at lucrative prices that match the home’s value.

Offerpad is also a great option because it offers a lot of flexibility to the seller. You can choose your closing dates at your convenience. When it comes to repairs, then also they enjoy an edge over most of the competitors such as Opendoor. The seller is allowed to choose a closing date between 8 to 90 days and then move out of your house as per your wish.

The company charges a 5% service fee, which is also lower than other iBuyers. Offerpad operates in as many as 25 U.S. markets. If you want to sell quickly, ask for a free and no-obligation offer from Offerpad. You can check out Offerpad reviews to know more about them.


As per Opendoor reviews, they provide a great option to homeowners who want to sell their homes fast. The company will pay you slightly lesser than what you will get in the open market, but it surely pays more than many cash buyers.

Opendoor reviews also say that the company does not offer much flexibility as other iBuyers when it comes to choosing the closing time at Opendoor. The company provides a closing window of 14 to 60 only. However, the reachability and working of the Opendoor are much more than other iBuyers as they are present at various locations. They operate in more than 47 cities in the U.S.

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses or HomeVestors is another biggest and most well-established We Buy Houses company. They have more than 800 franchise locations in the country. The company enjoys a great reputation with the best brand recognition. However, the company offers a very low price as compared to what you would get in the open market.

Like other real estate investors, We Buy Ugly Houses does not pay more than 70% of the value of your home, including the repair costs. So, this means leaving significant dollars on the table. So, if you are selling a home in poor condition, then it makes sense to list it with this realtor. Be wary of the fact that you may get a host of offers from the local real estate investors in the open market as well, which can offer better sale prices.

We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses is also a cash buyer that has several offices all around the country. We Buy Houses office is owned and operated by different local real estate investors. They have complete control of their operations. While some locations have the best reputation, some may not.

As per the customer reviews, most of the customers have shared a good experience. However, you must compare different offers from other local companies too, before you finalize We Buy Houses.

Companies that buy houses for cash buy homes from sellers and give cash in return. Above mentioned leading, cash buyers that operate at various locations can help you find“we buy houses for cash near me. Find the one operating in your area.

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