March 29, 2023 2:33 PM
Where to watch Groundswell (2022) online

Groundswell, an American romantic drama film, is directed by Lee Friedlander. It was written by John-Eliot Jordan and Katie Lee. Ektor Rivera, Katie Lee, Lacey Chabert star in the film.

Groundswell is the story of Emma Chabert (a chef) who travels to Hawaii to meet Rivera (a surfer instructor). Rivera’s lessons help Emma to get back on track after a setback in her professional and personal lives. Based primarily on a story by Katie Lee, Groundswell is a film based on her novel.

What’s Groundswell (2022?) all about?

Emma is going through a difficult time. Emma is feeling overwhelmed after a setback in her professional and personal lives. Emma is so inspired by her friends to go on a vacation to Hawaii that she decides it’s what she needs. She’s right.

Emma is able to regain her feet on the beautiful island setting. Emma meets Ben, a quiet, handsome surf instructor. His lessons help her to get back on track. Groundswell is Beigel’s heartwarming tale of friendship, love and redemption. It will be a great story for anyone who has had difficulty navigating life’s path.

After experiencing both a personal as well as professional setback, Emma (Chabert), an Atlanta chef, leaves for Hawaii where she meets Ben Rivera (Rivera), who is a charming, but secretive, surf instructor whose classes help to get her back on track. Emma’s sister Molly Henderson works to keep their family together as their marriage falls apart.

Beigel will appear as a guest while serving as executive producer. The show focuses on the importance of family, and how the difficulties we face can bring us closer. This heartwarming tale will inspire and encourage audiences.

Where can I watch Groundswell (2022?)?

 However, the exact date is still unknown. We will update this information as soon as we have any further information. You can still enjoy other shows on the network, such as When Calls The Heart and Chesapeake Shores, while you wait.

Is Groundswell (2022), available on Netflix?

Netflix won’t release the show. You won’t be able to watch the show if you don’t like family shows that have common problems and solutions. Instead, you can look at shows such as The Fosters, This Is Us and One Day at a Time on Netflix. Watch this film for free on

Amazon Prime: Groundswell (2022).

The show will not be released by Amazon. You can also watch The Kominsky Method and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel if you like shows that have little comic flair.

Is Groundswell (2022), available on Hulu

Hulu will not release the show. You can also watch Parenthood and Friday Night Lights if you love heartwarming shows that are focused on the family.

Groundswell (2022): How can I watch it for free?

Groundswell (2022), which will be released on Hallmark Channel 2022, can be viewed online. It is unknown when the show will be released. You will need to have a Hallmark Channel subscription in order to view the show free of charge. If the show is available, you can also access it on demand via your cable provider or streaming services. Once the show is available on these platforms, you can also buy the show digitally through Amazon Video or iTunes.


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