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frying pan

When you want a delicious fried meal with that brown yummy crispy color, frying pans come in handy. It is traditional cookware that helps you create any number of meals. These pans have been around in the culinary world for quite some time. Every kitchen in the world has at least one frying pan, and even those who claim they can’t even boil water have delved into creating dishes in these pans. However, choosing a pan for yourself may not be straightforward.


Just before you go shopping for a pan, whether you go to a niche cookware shop or decide to buy from an online store. It seems to be an exhausting task. You know the wide variety will overwhelm you and not make your decision any easier. However, buying a pan can be a piece of cake if you are prepared and know what you want. Before you splurge at the pan, you need to be well-acquainted with the different makes. And their benefits to ensure you pick the best among the many available options. So to help you with the same, here is what you need to check when buying a frying pan.


When buying cookware, you first need to consider the size; frying pans are no exception. Remember, the most suitable pan size will depend on how many people you cook for. Which means the quantity you cook. Pans are available in many sizes, for example:

  • Mini frying pans: These are usually 10 to 12 cm in diameter. They are very easy to handle and wash. If you need to cook only for one or two people. A mini pan is the best choice for you to have. That means they are suitable for people living alone away from home.
  • Small frying pans: Small pans have a diameter of 20 cm, which can be easily used to prepare food on small gas hobs. If you are hurrying to the office or college, these pans are handy for frying eggs or making eggs benedict quickly. These are perfect for small kitchens where space is limited.
  • Medium size frying pans: Medium pans have a diameter of 26 to 28 cm and are good for making food for two to four persons. You can use these pans on both medium and large-sized gas hobs. Moreover, they can also fit in any dishwasher.
  • Large size frying pans: These are available in 30 to 32 cm diameter and will generally be used when you have guests at home. Most people buy these pans in a combo with smaller sizes.


Though cast iron is the oldest and the most popular material used for making cookware for centuries. These days, cookware is made of various materials like stainless steel, ceramic, copper and aluminum. However, the best solution for cookware is combining different materials such as stainless steel frying pans. In which the outer layer is hard resistant stainless steel, and the inner layer is a heat conducting, copper or aluminum layer.

Since aluminum is relatively cheap, pans made from it are usually economical but remember, aluminum can also bend and dent easily. Therefore, if you want to buy an aluminum pan, it is better to invest some more and buy a hard anodized (also called electrolyzed aluminum) pan as they are much more substantial.

The thickness of the pan

Next comes the thickness of the pan! The thickness of your frying pan will determine its durability and the type of heat it can tolerate. For instance, the pans will thicken less and are not durable; they can easily break or dent; plus, you will not be able to use these pans on large gas hobs as they will lead to burning the food. In contrast, if you have a pan with a nice thickness, it will last longer and can be used on large gas hobs without scorching. Hence, don’t forget to check the pan’s thickness and weight before you make the final payment.


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