February 6, 2023 1:51 AM

Virtually every single person that was part of the workforce in 2020 saw how things drastically changed through the pandemic. Companies started to realize that their employees could work just as effectively from home. In some cases, they started looking for new alternatives that could be “cheaper” ways to bring people back to the office as the pandemic subsided. Co-Working spaces popped up as a viable option to get people to be able to work in the new post pandemic world.

At the same time, there were some companies that decided to stay in fully remote workplaces. Yet, some of the employees of those companies’ haven’t necessarily adapted well to working from home. In those cases looking to buy a membership to a Co-working facility has become quite the viable option. The question remains, what do you really want out of a co-working space? The main reason you’re looking for a co-working space in the first place can be your checklist of things that a co-working facility should include for you. What we want to do here is provide different things that co-working facilities typically offer to then dissect what’s truly a need for workers, and what’s maybe more of a luxury.

Taking Your Company From A Traditional Office To A Co-Working Space

Moving your company from your current office space to a state-of-the-art Calgary Business Centre can breathe new life into the working environment for starters. You have existing facilities in places like this and other virtual office Calgary setups that are going to allow you to just get to work from day one. If you want to keep your traditional office set up you’re going to need to find a building that features at least some amenities that you need. At the same time you may end up having to invest in accommodating parts of the building to fit your business needs.

In a sense going to a co-working space is like outsourcing your office needs. These places are fully equipped to be able to cater to the needs of most businesses. With things like a virtual address, and in house staff that is there to handle the tasks that come with it. If you find the right coworking you could even save money on support staff that you would have to have on hand if you don’t have a virtual address.  

Picking A Co-Working Space as An Independent Contractor

Do you really need a virtual address as an independent contractor? The answer to that is going to vary on a per-case basis for sure. Also, co-working spaces are known for offering different types of entertainment and recreational activities on campus. Some people may not be able to handle Margarita Tuesday’s or whatever is on the menu. Maybe you need an actual private office that you can rent without having to lease an entire floor. The type of work that you do, and what you like to have around you when you’re working are things you need to look into before making a decision for sure. 

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