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Straw western hats are popular in summer because they allow heat to escape. Some individuals may wear felt for more solemn ceremonies or in cold weather. Cheaper western hats are popular with many people, but it’s not uncommon to discover that they don’t last as long nor look quite as well as higher-priced ones.


The process of selecting a western hat proves to be more difficult for a significant number of individuals than they had anticipated. It’s impossible to know which style or material is best for your needs when there are so many options available nowadays.


  • The history of Western hats, including how and why they got their distinctive form

It’s no secret that Western hats are popular, but have you ever stopped thinking about why we wear them? While cowboys and ranchers are out working cattle on horseback, they need to wear eye protection because of the sun’s brightness. In addition, cowboys need to shield themselves from the dust and sand the cattle flung up.


The owner of a western hat may protect their forehead and neck from the sun and rain by folding up the edge of the brim of their hat. When working outdoors in the sun all day or going trail riding, western-style hats are a great accessory to have.


It’s almost impossible to look out of place wearing a western hat with anything from jeans and boots to button-down shirts and vests to chaps. To convey that you are an experienced horseback rider, you should wear a cowboy hat.


  • There are a few key considerations to bear in mind while shopping for a western hat

When purchasing a western hat, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Fit and body conformance are the two most significant considerations when choosing a garment. How much shade it provides is determined by the material it is composed of (straw, felt, or hard plastic).


  • To wear a straw hat in the Western-style is an excellent investment

Having a western straw hat that complements your style is a widely held belief among fashionistas. Straw hats are a perfect choice to look and feel calm and present an image that is both searing hot and refined.


Brimmed straw western hats are popular because of their low weight and high level of breathability. They don’t take in a lot of heat from the sun, making them an excellent choice for summer riding.

If you’re a cowboy or rancher who needs a hat to wear while riding your horse in the heat.  Looking for a hat to wear in general, straw hats are the best alternative.


In addition to protecting you from the sun’s rays, they will also serve as an effective wind and dust barrier. Western hats made of straw are often less expensive than felt hats. And need significantly less care than those made of leather or wool. That each brand has a distinct price tag should be no surprise.


The amount of Xs on a straw western hat should be considered while buying one. This measurement shows weave density and thickness. The more Xs on the cap, the more long-lasting it will be. As a result, the 20X hat will last longer than the 4X hat.


  • What is the best time of year to wear a felt hat in the western style?

A straw hat is a fantastic option for hot weather since it enables air to travel through it and keeps your head cool. However, if it’s cooler outside, you may want to go for a felt western hat instead of a straw option.


Regarding durability, Western hats made of felt are superior to those made of straw, although they do feel heavier on the head. When the weather becomes cooler, felt cowboy hats are a better alternative to straw hats since they are easier to wear.  And more comfortable in the heat.


  • The price of western hats might vary greatly

However, many argue that any old hat would do, while others say a western hat must be expensive. How did this happen? Do you know which one to choose?


Here are a few pointers to help you figure things out: To begin, look for the label “Produced in the USA” when purchasing a genuine Western hat. Ensure the tag reads “Made in the USA” if you want to acquire a natural Western hat. Because so many Western hats are now manufactured in China or Mexico, this is critical.


Last Bit of Information

Leather western hats come in a wide price range, from $40 to $200. On the other hand, leather hats aren’t great for wearing in the summer since they’re construct of leather, which traps heat and isn’t very breathable. Consequently, they are more suited for usage throughout the colder months.


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