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3C Cell Batteries

The C rating is defined by the maximum amount of current that you can draw from a battery cell. If the cell is rated a 3c battery this means its output is 3 times the Ah rating and can supply up to 6A as its largest current. Batteries may also be capable of changing currents however, even if a battery can sustain a 6A current, it doesn’t mean it can also be charged with 6A.      

Understanding a 4C or 3C battery means dissecting the different types of battery ratings available in today’s market. With technology continuously advancing, more and more devices require an efficient power supply. This means different kinds of batteries also need to be made to keep up with growing innovations. 

Batteries may seem less complex from a consumer’s perspective, but each cell is designed specifically for the device it was intended to power up. C-rated batteries are typically used for household items that need consumer batteries to work. They can typically be purchased in your local stores and can be easily plugged into devices.

Uses of C Batteries

If you’re not sure what exactly a C battery looks like, they are often cylindrical in shape and often come in packs of two or more when sold in stores. Though these types of batteries may seem like they’re not as commonly used compared to the time when walkmans were popular, they are still necessary for different types of applications today. 

C batteries that are either made from nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, or lithium-ion can be recharged. Though non-rechargeable and rechargeable C batteries have their own share of disadvantages, their strengths can be seen depending on the application. 3C batteries can deliver 3A within 20 minutes; a true testament to the power it can provide to the modern-day electronics we use and depend on. 

  1. Toys

Toys have always been a must-have for families with children and with the development of technology, we’ve come very far from how toys are designed. Electronic toys are now what children prefer compared to the wooden and plastic toys that were sold before the 21st century. Children today prefer electronic toys that can be powered efficiently by a standard 3c battery. Some of these toys can operate with rechargeable batteries while others simply utilize disposable ones. 

  1. Emergency Electronic Devices

In the event of a power outage, the first thing that we reach for is a torch or a backup power source. These types of household devices require an efficient power supply for long periods in case of emergencies. A 3c battery is a typical type that you would plug into electronic devices like radios and torches. They have the capacity to maintain power whether rechargeable or not. So in case of emergencies, it’s always best to keep a pack or two at home.

  1. Household Devices

There are different types of household devices that we use today that need a reliable 3c battery to operate. A perfect example of a device that we typically neglect yet seem to use frequently, is the remote control to our television. With a good C battery, a remote control can operate for years without any trouble. 

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