February 7, 2023 12:20 AM
SkinCare Guide for Summers

Summers are often the season for beach, humidity, and vacations. And they also account for you to take care of your skins because of all the daylight and long scorching days. All such factors can lead to a negative impact on the skin and can make it dry and darker. 

According to the dermatologist of hospitals in rawalpindi, it is important for people to have a profound and comprehensive skincare routine that is dedicated to summer. Thus we have compiled a list of some of the effective skincare tips that will work wonders in the summer season. 

Give Importance to Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an important thing and your skin’s best companion for the summer season and horrible daylight. You should always wear sunscreen in optimum amounts. When you are wondering about what are the perimeters for you choosing a sunscreen. Take the following into consideration. 

  • Broad-spectrum protection
  • SPF is 30
  • Provides lip protection

You have to realize the fact that your skin needs protection from the sun at all costs. Because if you fail to do so then you are open to the venues of faster ageing and are also exposed to a high risk of skin cancer

According to the skin cancer foundation if you are aligned with the use of sunscreen then you are reducing your chances of acquiring skin cancer by 50 per cent. It also provides first-hand protection against premature ageing. 

Lip protection is also important even if you are choosing a sunscreen for yourself. Because most of the time, people do not give two cents about lip protection, and according to various doctors lips are often vulnerable to skin cancers. 

Keep an Eye on Moisturizing 

Although there is moisture in summer air it still leads to dryness in the skin and its subsequent impacts. Thus you should never ever think about ditching your moisturizer in those days. Get over the fact that you only have to use a moisturizer on cold winter days. 

Do not settle for a heavy moisturizer cream you can settle on a lighter one that can provide enough moisture for your skin. Winters are the perfect season for using heavy moisturizers because of the season demands. 

Doctors recommend you use an SPF moisturizer to protect an extra layer of protection in this context. But you should not think that if you are using it, you do not have to wear sunscreen because you do. 

Use Less Makeup

When the days are warm you should try to reduce your reliance on makeup. Because whenever you sweat all the makeup will come off eventually. When you are wearing less makeup you are actually giving your skincare enough room to breathe. Makeup can clog your pores and can resist the moisture to settle in.

Thus a rather good practice for you all is to wear less makeup in the summer season. 

Try to Use Makeup with SPF

In case you are attending an outdoor wedding function then you have to go light on the makeup and if you are still gonna go in an all-dressed-up mood then you should rely on makeup that also has SPF in it. It should be tinted and lightweight so that it does not clog the pores and cause you a difficult skin situation to deal with. 

Many doctors recommend trying to use those skincare products that have enough amount of SPF to provide sun protection. 

Pay Attention to Exfoliation

Both sunscreen and sweat can lead to clogging off the pores and thus can make the matters worse for moisturizing. Exfoliation is a good thing to open up the pores and also reduces blemishes and skin rashes. 

But remember to be gentle with your skin because harsh exfoliation can lead to ripping and tearing of the skin cells exposing the underneath layer to hard weather conditions. Exfoliation is necessary and you should stick to it at least two times a week. This practice of exfoliation is exactly important because it leads to the removal of all the locked debris from the skin.

Try to move your way up with light exfoliation patterns and then go big. 

Wash your Face

A thing that you should always pay attention to is washing your face at regular intervals. In summers to get rid of the aftereffects of sunburn and too many UV rays make sure to pay attention to cleaning your face. 

Washing your face with cold water is a good practice in those moments because it keeps the first layer of skin hydrated and full of moisture. 

The Bottom Line

Your skin is important and protecting it becomes extremely important during the harsh days of sun. Thus make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind in such scenarios. If you need further assistance you can reach out to your primary healthcare providers.

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