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Glarus, the seat of Switzerland’s smallest canton, is situated at the foot of the Glärnisch ridge, surrounded by mountains. The same-named mountain canton has a rich industrial past. The area is great for hikers, mountaineers, bikers, and amateur geologists looking for a diverse vacation destination with a wide range of activities. The vast valley of the Linth River and the smaller Sernftal to the east dominate the landscape of the canton of Glarus. The terrain is primarily mountainous and offers a fantastic tour and collection of some amazing attractions. This article highlights the top 13 attractions that you must visit in Glarus. 

Know about Glarus

Shortly before reaching the Walensee, the deeply cut Glarus valley forks southward from its main path from Lake Zurich across the Linth Plain. From the valley bottom, the surrounding mountains rise precipitously to a height of 1,750 metres. Eastern Switzerland is home to Europe’s tallest peak, the 3614-metre Tödi. Although Glarus is mostly known as a tourist destination, it also has a rich history of manufacturing, especially in the production of fine textiles.

After a devastating fire in 1861, the streets of Glarus’ capital city were redesigned according to a grid pattern. In the nineteenth century, printed textiles made in Glarus gained international renown. On the 50-kilometre-long Industrial Trail, bicyclists may learn about Glarus’s manufacturing history.

List of Top Attractions in Glarus

1. Chöpfenberg

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The Chöpfenberg is a Schwyzer Alps peak that separates the cantons of Schwyz and Glarus in Switzerland. Nestled between the Wägitalersee and the Linth valleys, it may be found on the range to the north of the Mutteristock. A lovely place for a picnic, and perfect for a hike.

2. Glärnisch

The Glärnisch is a mountain range in Switzerland’s Glarus Canton; it is part of the Schwyz Alps and provides stunning views of the Linth Valley below. It has many peaks, the tallest of which is Bächistock at an altitude of 2,915 metres. The highest point was once an unidentified peak marked by a cross at 2,914 metres in elevation, but this was changed in 2013. Ruchen and Vrenelisgärtli are the other two major peaks in the area. A wonderful place for hiking and other forms of extreme recreation.

3. Gufelstock

The Gufelstock is a prominent peak in the Glarus Alps that looks out over Schwanden in the canton of Glarus. The mountain’s northern foot serves as the boundary between Switzerland and the canton of St. Gallen. Among the most picturesque spots for a picnic and a great place to start hiking. The lake in the valley is a great place to go swimming or fishing.

4. Klöntalersee

Large alpine lake Klöntalersee is a great area for a picnic and a stroll among the mountains. Despite its apparent popularity, this was really something we stumbled upon by chance, and it feels like a peaceful hidden gem. This is a great place for families of all ages to have a picnic.

5. Kunsthaus Glarus

Located in the Volksgarten next to the Glarus railway station are the Kunsthaus Glarus, a museum and exhibition centre. Works by Swiss painters from the late 19th and 20th centuries may be found in the museum’s collection, together with pieces from the private collections of Othmar Huber, Gustav Schneeli, and Gustav Egger.

6. Löntsch

The Löntsch flows through Glarus in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. Near Netstal, it empties into the Linth after draining the Klöntalersee. From the Löntschtobel bridge, you can see the stream as it winds its way down the narrow valley and into the deep Löntschtobel. Klöntalersee’s greatest tributary, the Chlü, is also a major tributary of the Löntsch.

7. Murgseefurggel

Murgseefurggel, a Swiss pass, is situated at an altitude of 1985 metres. Murgseefurggel may be found between Mittlerer Murgsee and Alpegligen, more specifically to the east. It’s one of the more scenic spots in the region, and a pleasant way to connect with nature.

8. Mürtschenstock

As seen from the Lake Zurich region, the Mürtschenstock, a mountain in the Swiss canton of Glarus that rises to an altitude of 2441 metres above sea level, is a sight to behold. The north-south-oriented mountain range has vertical cliffs on either side. Famous summits include the Ruchen, Fulen, and Stock. It was a great place to go hiking and clear your head.

9. Oberblegisee lake

Located in Switzerland’s Glarus Canton lies the beautiful Oberblegisee lake. It towers 1,422 metres over the nearby community of Luchsingen and is just below the Glärnisch mountain range’s summits. Area-wise, it’s just 0.17 square kilometres. Excellent for day trips and picnics, with the added bonus of hiking possibilities.

10. The Schilt 

The Schilt towers over the Swiss city of Glarus in the canton of Glarus. Positioned below the Siwellen Mountains to the south. It’s located down below the Siwellen Mountains. The peak of Schilt stands at an altitude of 2299 metres. Schilt is located just to the north of Alpegligen, not far from Tristli. A lofty peak right in the middle of Glarus. Even if the view from the peak is worth the risky ascent, the summit itself is not particularly interesting. The stunning landscape of Glarus is right there for the taking.

11. Vorder Glärnisch

Looking out over the Linth Valley in the canton of Glarus lies the Vorder Glärnisch, a peak in the Schwyzer Alps. It is located north of the upper Glärnisch (2,914 m). On the northwest side of the Vorder Glärnisch, you’ll find a route that leads up to its summit, unlike its more towering sibling. It was a popular spot for hikers and other tourists because of the area’s welcoming atmosphere.

12. The Wiggis

The Wiggis, with an altitude of 2,282 metres, is one of the most significant mountains in the Swiss canton of Glarus because of its proximity to the city. Wiggis and Rautispitz, when seen from the valley, are viewed as a single, unified massif with two distinct peaks. Those interested in rock climbing or trekking will find the area to be accommodating. Many visitors come to enjoy the area’s scenic landscapes.

13. Winters in the Glarus

You may go skiing, tobogganing, and snowshoeing with the family in Elm and Braunwald, as well as on the Kerenzerberg above the Walensee. The various winter pathways in Glarus are perfect for those who want solitude. Furthermore, if you wish to extend the solitude trip in Glarus and need some funds instantly, you may contact a Personal Loan Provider in Switzerland. However, make sure to use Tiptop – Credit Comparison in Switzerland so that you can find the right credit scheme to fund you. 

Other Important Attractions in Glarus

The Klöntal valley and Klöntalersee are popular hiking destinations not far from the city. A multitude of natural wonders may be found in this valley encircled by mountains. In 1799, General Suworow’s army retreated to Glarus via the PragelPass, which connects the Muotathal in the Canton of Schwyz with the rest of Switzerland. Many dives have been made in an attempt to locate the Russians’ missing war treasure, but so far, they have not been successful.

Glarus is home to a wealth of geological and mining attractions, such as the quarry at Engi, the slate plant in Elm, the fossilised remains of marine life on the Kerenzerberg, and the footprints of extinct dinosaurs on the Tödi. Glarus is included in the inter-cantonal GeoPark together with the neighbouring areas of Sarganserland and Walensee.


This article mentions important information about the top attractions of Glarus. 

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