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Top 6 Roblox Escape Game in 2022

Roblox is the fastest-growing game platform, especially among developers and cross-platform users. Roblox is available on many platforms including mobile phones, computers, laptops, and Xbox One. Creators also have a lot more freedom and creativity with the software. Developers can provide their customers with an enormous amount of material because of the many configurable options.  Roblox escape games have an almost infinite amount of games. Some of them can be very good, or even a copy of others. You have to dig deep to find the best among the many.

Roblox’s Top 6 Escape Game in 2022

These are the best Roblox Escape games.

  1. The Really easy Obby
  2. Escape Waterpark
  3. Obstacle Paradise
  4. Granny
  5. Escape McDonald’s
  6. Tower of Hell

The Really easy Obby

This is not the easiest course you can do. Despite the laid-back atmosphere and soothing music, there are many difficult obstacles. Many of these have hidden parts that will surprise you. This hobby requires a lot of thought. We were intrigued and added it to our list.

Escape Waterpark

Navigating a theme park in real life can be terrifying and difficult. This makes it a great hobby for a videogame. This hobby has done a lot to make the park feel like a real waterpark. There are tables and food kiosks. You can also rest at the tables. It all seems to be coherent. There are also some challenging, but enjoyable, challenges.

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Obstacle Paradise

This obby’s unique approach to obby gaming is what makes it stand out. You can play other players’ obbies and make your own.  This money can be used to buy new obstacles. There are many obstacles to choose from and plenty of coloring options to satisfy your creative side.


Granny is the original game in this category and is widely regarded as the inventor of these games. Before being released on Roblox, this game was originally a mobile app. This game became very popular after it was added to Roblox. This game is scarier and more thrilling because the survivors are always in the first person. Granny can also be customized and enhanced in a shop. Although the game is fun, not many people play it anymore.

Escape McDonald’s

It is a shame that we love this obstacle course due to the clown face. It is both scary and funny. Whatever the reason, there’s something very appealing about this pastime. We are grateful for your dedication to McDonald’s and the many challenges you will face. This course is a testament to your hard work and dedication, making it even more impressive.

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Tower of Hell

Although the name may sound scary, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun with this course. The course is unique because each level is procedurally designed, which makes them stand out. Each level must be completed within a given time limit to avoid it collapsing and allow for the production of the next one. This adds to its difficulty. You can fall to the bottom of the level and must start again. We enjoy a challenge and this escape game is just that.


The above-mentioned is a list of the top 6 Roblox escape games. Try all of them and let us know which one you like best. Keep safe, and keep following us for more coverage.


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