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Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the shimmering stones in the stone world after Opal that is known for its different color attributes and great healing treatments. Many believe that the ambrosial gem carries some vibrational powers of the Lunar planet, which stand for great prosperity, inner wisdom, and positivity to the human species on the earth. Moonstone symbolizes new beginnings and divine feminine to the person who holds this splendid gemstone.

Origin of the Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the family of feldspar minerals. It is an opalescent gem that comes in the hues of green, pink, gray, yellow, and brown and is sometimes colorless. The features of the light seen on the gem’s surface are called adularescence, and its clarity comes from opaque to transparent.

The high-grade quality of the Moonstone comes from India and Sri Lanka. However, the stunning gem also found around the world, including Myanmar, Brazil, the USA, and Madagascar. In addition, the Moonstone ranks 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which recognises as a poor hardness than other gemstones. Therefore, be careful if you wear the Moonstone Jewelry as your daily wear accessory to protect it from scratching and damage.

The healing benefits offered by Moonstone

As the Moonstone has a surprising history, the stunning gem provides incredible healing and metaphysical advantages and soothes its wearer physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some of them I have mentioned below.

• Moonstone improves the regulation of the body’s nervous system, and manage them to work properly.

• Many believe the gem reduces stress-releasing hormones and encourages the production of dopamine, which feels us well-being. As, the ambrosial gemstone will allow you eliminate your anger and fear and convert them into courage and confidence in challenging situations in life.

• It inspires us not to give up on our decided goals and targets and paves a way to achieve them by reducing hurdles and problems.

• Some stone healers put this stone into their fist while meditating and practicing spiritual practices; it allows them to focus and have a clear mind towards their ambitions.

• Moreover, the exquisite Moonstone works like a herb for women in balancing their internal hormones and promotes relief during pregnancy.

How can you exercise with the Moonstone?

However, there are many ways to exercise the Moonstone to grab its endless superior benefits. But using the gemstone in jewelry form is the perfect way to access it significantly. Here are some styling ways for Moonstone Jewelry.

Moonstone Ring

The ring is one of those accessories used as a unisex accessory by both men and women. Since the Moonstone is an official June Birthstone thus, you can wear the Moonstone Ring as your traditional birthstone jewelry to grab the astrological benefits. In addition, you can also gift it to your loved ones if their birthday comes in June.

Moonstone Pendant

The second and unique way is to hold the gemstone as a Moonstone Pendant in sterling silver metal. It will give you an eye-catching look while blending it into traditional and formal outfits for your workplace. In addition, it would stimulate your heart chakra to awaken divine wisdom and inner capability.

• Moonstone Bracelet

Make the Moonstone Bracelet your picnic wear accessory that would protect you from any mishap and bad fortune during traveling. The stunning bracelet will give an excellent look blended with western wear and captivate you with a highly soothing feeling.


Overall the Moonstone gemstone is all about timeless beauty and can prove to be an ambrosial gem for its user. However, even the gemstone is hugely popular among youngsters because of its attractive luster and seen that can fascinate anyone. Thus, include the gem in your jewel collection to elevate your lifestyle.

Jewelers from Sagacia Jewelry are here to provide you with an excellent collection of Moonstone jewelry that you can get in your favorite vermeil, like 925 sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold.

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