March 30, 2023 3:29 PM
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It is a truth of car ownership that every motorist will ultimately need to have their oil changed. When that time comes, do you actually know what type of oil is good for your car? There are lots of choices. If you’re not sure which oil is ideal for your car, our Valvoline Express Care staff at Valvoline Maple Ridge is put together some recommendations.

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What Kinds of Oil Are There?

When it turns to motor oil, there are undoubtedly many possibilities. Before choosing a choice, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with your possibilities.

Standard Fuel

At dealerships, conventional oil is the go-to option. Additionally, it has the cheapest pricing of any similar product. This oil is straightforward and capable of successfully reducing friction in your engine.

Chemical Oil

Synthetic oil is like ordinary oil on steroids. It accomplishes the same task successfully. This motor oil offers superior viscosity and lubricating properties. At higher temperatures, synthetic oil might function better than traditional varieties. This may be Valvoline Express Care’s finest choice for SUVs or other high-performance vehicles.

Synthetic Oil Blend

Synthetic blend oil is a type of oil that has both natural and synthetic components. These lubricants were developed so that motorists may make use of some of the incredible advantages of fully synthetic products at prices that had been comparable to several conventional types. Older cars that need help to keep things clean benefit greatly from synthetic combinations.

What’s the verdict then? When it comes to selecting the proper oil, that is Valvoline Express Care, there truly isn’t a bad decision.

Valvoline Oil

For more than 140 years, Valvoline has offered drivers motor oils that are specially formulated to fit the requirements of various engine types & driving scenarios, helping them to get the best performance & longest possible engine life.

Valvoline offers a broad line of standard, synthetic blend, or totally synthetic products that designed for a variety of uses, including automotive, industrial, or gear oils.

If you’re still concerned about selecting motor oil for your automobile, feel free to get advice from the professionals at the family-owned and -operated Valvoline Rapid Oil Change in Maple Ridge, which is in your neighborhood.

How Valvoline Engine Oil Works

There are several uses for engine oil, including as a cleaner and a friction-reducer. If we check the engine oil, it will exhibit evidence of color change even after 50 kilometers of driving. It’s not because it has been burned; rather, the oil cleansed the engine and consumed all the residue left over from burning the fuel.

Due to this, we must carefully select engine oil, taking into account our vehicle, the gasoline we use, and the engine’s working pressure. Here are some vital factors to take into account while choosing engine oil for our car.

Manufacturer Year and Car

It’s important to remember the car’s manufacturer and the year it was produced. because modern engines are more modern and designed to operate with greater efficiency and power than older ones. Since older engine oils not created to meet the demands of modern, high-performance, rapid engines, they cannot utilize in modern engines.

Driving Conditions

The second most important consideration when choosing engine oil on your car is the driving circumstances. Not every engine oils are seasonally and environmentally appropriate, according to Valvoline Express Care. It also taken into account if you live in a hot and cold climate. It’s crucial to take into account your regular driving circumstances, such as if you frequently use smooth or bumpy roads.

Since your daily routine determines the stress you exert on the engine of your daily-use car, these factors must taken into consideration. The environment & your daily schedule have an impact on your level of stress. Some oils created for use in hot areas, while others created for use in cold climates.

Viscosity Level

Most people don’t realize what the numbers printed on the gallon of engine oil actually imply. These figures represent the viscosity of motor oil. Oil thickness, the flow of oil capacity, and oil flow resistance are other terms for viscosity. When buying oil, one must take into account the viscosity as well as the type of vehicle or driving conditions.

There 2 numerals indicated on the gallon. These numbers demonstrate the oil’s viscosity. The first digit, which ends with a W, represents the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures. The number on the right side displays the oil’s viscosity at high temperatures.

Oil thins out and offers less flow resistance when its viscosity decreases, and vice versa. The owner’s manual or the engine cap may contain the suggested viscosity for your vehicle.

Valvoline Oil Standards

The engine oil label contains ciphers like API, ILSAC, or ACEA, as may see if we look at it more closely. These codes show if the producer is following the requirements for oil quality & standards. According to Valvoline Express Care, API and ILSAC are the production standards in engine oil that most commonly used by enterprises.


While selecting the appropriate engine oil for your automobile, as recommended by Valvoline Express Care, can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the many types of oil, it is just as important as selecting the proper diet for your body type.

You should find it simpler to select the appropriate engine oil for your car the next time you remember the advice provided above from Valvoline Express Care.

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