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The Best Bakery Stores In Noida Where You Can Buy Desserts Online

Cake delights are one of the pull factors to shared great moments and love. Cakes come as part and parcel of dessert celebrations after a good meal. Noida is a large community with amazing bakery shops, especially for those who love desserts and delicacies. People with sweet tooth are drawn to these bakeries, and some do not even fret about sending cakes outside Noida to share the love with their loved ones. Noida is a known home for a variety of cake productions and go-to places when it comes to desserts. To aid in securing the to-go places to enjoy these delicacies, there are quite a number of famous bakery stores to Send Cake to Noida, including some of the following top-notch bakeries, which offer value for less at a good quality standard.


If you are all about the late-night chill at home with your favourite desserts in your hand kind of vibe, then Bakingo is your to-go suitable option for home delivery. They offer the most deliciously made 100% eggless cakes and desserts at reasonable prices and at the right time. Their delivery services are commendable, and they have many dessert options for you to choose from. With Bakingo, you only need to make specifications of your cake and dessert, and it will be delivered to your doorstep; thus, they make midnight delivery of cakes and early morning delivery of cakes possible, making them one of the finest and most reliable bakery shop in Noida.


FlowerAura is known and loved for its endless international and national delivery options, not only when it comes to cakes but for other gifts as well! They give you a whole list of options for add-ons with your desserts; this shop is well known for celebratory packaging, and cakes are among the brands they do well. If you have a ceremony requiring delicacies like cakes and delicacies, FlowerAura is your best shop as they give gift combos as well; that’s a beautiful touch. You’ve probably heard about their cakes, which also have an uncanny resemblance and a premium feel. The best thing about them is that they never compromise on the quality of their desserts. FlowerAura also offers hourly and all-day-long delivery of cakes. Last-minute cakes are found at this bakery store at premium quality and for less, so one can never run into desperation when FlowerAura is still in operation.

Ka Éclairs & Kafe

Speaking of class and high quality, think of Ka Eclairs and Kafe. Even if the prices at this bakery are a little high, the eclairs are out of this world.  This is the place to contact, considering gift wraps and sweets. Amazing offers are found at this bakery shop. The most amazing feature about this bakery is that one gets to select the various combination of delicacies that excluding the promotional offers that comes with purchasing from this Kafe.

Mr Brown

Late for work?  This cosy bakery located on a busy metro station has everything you need on the go. Not so big as the other famous bakeries,  but offers some of the best desserts you will ever have. Their chunky chocolate chip cookies are a must-try, as the name suggests, Mr Brown. Take note amongst all other bakeries; they are vested in making amazing choc-chip cakes that are healthy and tasty. 


If you are a “cake-aholic”, then Theobroma will sweep you up your feet with its mouth-watering cakes. This is another good bakery in Noida, famous for amazing, delicious cakes at affordable prices. Most people frequent this bakery for its mid-range prices and quantified cakes for all classes, and mostly vegan cakes are among the mass. Theobroma is the best place to go if you’re looking for Italian desserts. They have everything on the Italian dessert menu, and their chocolate fudge never ceases to amaze. Theobroma is a middle-range bakery, so this is a great place to visit whenever one needs a good dessert or cake for less. They have amazing mouth-watering brownies and cupcakes made with love, thus made famous amongst other bakeries. 


Italian food lovers, this is the right place to be whenever you feel and need to down that confectionary sweet food; Theo is your place. From the Italian dessert menu, all Italian delicacies are found at this place and never fail to amaze with their chocolate fudge. An experience of foreign tastes is readily available, so it’s no hassle inviting that foreign mate to meet and enjoy this bakery; besides, it is all for love and memories.

Cake House Bakery

Thinking of quality cakes and customised cakes, think of Cake House Bakery. This is your close-to-next bakery shop which offers the best quality cakes with exquisite gifts as a combo. At Cake House, birthday pinata cakes, bomb cakes, customised cakes, and appreciative flowers are among the packages offered at the bakery house. It is considered a hideout for hangouts and after-work desserts. one can get cake desserts with a combination of flowers.

The Big Chill Cakery

The Big Chill Cakery, as the name suggests, will put you in a good mood. The sweet aroma of cakes lures you the moment you enter the bakery. You can’t say no to everything they have to offer. We urge you to try their mud cake because it is scrumptious. This is the best place to be whenever you are craving dark, heavy delicacies and never fails to impress with its unique taste and designs. A good place to hang out with that friend and colleague, sharing ideas and inspirations.

Cakes made in Noida come in various shapes and designs, making it plausible for localities to value and appreciate the efforts made by the bakeries in Noida. If you are looking forward to creating memorable moments with cakes, one should consider visiting some of the above-named bakeries for inspiration in delicacies.

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