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Do you feel like your organization is vulnerable to physical attacks? Are you concerned about the security of your premises and staff? If so, read ten tips for improving physical security in your organization. 

These tips will help to make your workplace more secure and less susceptible to attack.

Integrate physical security into your security strategy

Integrating your organization’s physical security is a highly effective way to improve it into your overall security strategy. By designing a comprehensive strategy that considers all aspects of security, both physical and digital, you can ensure that your entire system works together to protect your assets and keep your employees safe from harm.

Prioritize high-risk areas for increased protection

Not all areas of an organization are equally at risk of being targeted by criminals or other malicious actors, so it’s essential to prioritize these areas for increased physical protection. For example, if you have valuable equipment in a specific location, or if there is a high volume of foot traffic in an area, you may need to increase the number of security measures in place, such as installing additional cameras or hiring more security personnel.

Invest in access control solutions

A crucial aspect of physical security is ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your facility and restricted areas within it. A fantastic way to do this is by investing in access control solutions, such as critical card readers and biometric scanners. These will allow you to track who enters and exits your facility at any time.

Establish a chain of command for responding to threats

For your organization’s physical security efforts to be practical, a transparent chain of command must respond quickly and effectively to potential threats or incidents. This way, if a situation requires immediate action, such as an intruder attempting to break into your facility, everyone involved in the response can act quickly and efficiently without having to wait for direction from management or security personnel.

Use security cameras wisely

One of the most common tools used to help improve physical security is video surveillance systems and other forms of closed-circuit monitoring from Sesamsec. While these systems can help detect intruders and other unauthorized activity at your facility, you must use them effectively so that they don’t become more of a hindrance than a help. For example, avoid placing unnecessary cameras in bathrooms or employee break rooms where privacy is more important. Instead, focus on placing them in more secure and high-traffic areas where their utility is higher.

Encourage employee safety awareness

Having a solid sense of workplace safety among your employees is one of the best ways to help improve your organization’s physical security, as it helps deter potential threats and allows you to respond quickly and effectively if an incident occurs. 

One way to encourage this behavior is by providing regular employee training, including large-scale presentations and smaller workshops focusing on specific tips or techniques. Another good idea is to use regular team meetings as opportunities for employees to discuss suspicious activities or unusual occurrences that could be signs of a threat.

Conduct background checks on new hires

When it comes to physical security, one of the most significant risks you face is having unauthorized individuals working in your facility, whether employees or outside contractors. To minimize this risk, you must conduct thorough background checks on all new hires and regularly monitor existing employees. This includes looking at things like criminal records and financial histories and evaluating any relevant professional licenses or certifications.

Use access controls for sensitive information and equipment

In addition to user access controls for your facility itself, it’s also essential to use them for specific areas within your organization where valuable information or equipment is stored. For example, if you have documents containing sensitive personal information from clients or customers, consider using personal identification systems such as critical card readers to control access. 

Similarly, suppose you have equipment that is especially valuable or difficult to replace, such as large and expensive pieces of machinery. In that case, it could be wise to use biometric scanners or similar technologies to limit the number of people with direct access.

Educate your employees on proper security procedures

While having a solid physical security system in place is an integral part of keeping your facility safe, it’s also essential that all employees are educated on proper safety protocols and what they need to do if there is an incident at your organization. This includes providing training for new hires about workplace safety issues like fire drills and intruder response and ongoing education for existing employees who may not always follow the correct procedure when dealing with customer disputes, suspicious activity, and unexpected emergencies.

Encourage employees to report security concerns

One of the best ways to help keep your facility safe is by encouraging all employees to speak up if they see anything that seems out of place or unusual at work. This could be something as basic as noticing a co-worker who seems “off” or a more serious sign that something is happening inside your company, such as unauthorized equipment or access to sensitive information. 

To encourage this behavior among your staff members, consider offering rewards for reporting potential threats and ensuring that there are clear lines of communication in place so that reports can get passed along quickly and efficiently without having to wait for a formal meeting to bring up concerns.

All in all

By following these tips, you can help improve your organization’s physical security and create a safer work environment for all employees. Not only will this make it easier for your team to get their work done daily, but it will also help to deter potential threats and keep everyone safe in case of an emergency or incident. 

With intense physical security procedures in place, you’ll be able to protect your facility from external threats and internal problems like theft, fraud, or employee misconduct.

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