March 26, 2023 6:11 PM

Federal student loan debtors have been wondering if their debt will be forgiven since President Joe Biden pledged on the campaign trail to forgive $10,000 for each borrower. Will there, however, be a cancellation of student loans?

Federal student loan forbearance ends on May 1. Most loan debtors will not have made a payment for more than two years throughout the epidemic. Some borrowers have even received loan forgiveness.

When payments restart, most federal student loan debtors will begin making monthly payments on the same outstanding amount they had when the crisis began.

What differs cancellation from forgiveness and discharge?

With only minor changes, the terms loan forgiveness, cancellation, and discharge have extremely similar meanings. If you are no longer needed to make loan payments owing to your job, the words loan forgiveness or debt cancellation are used. This might apply to teacher debt forgiveness or public service loan cancellation.

Depending on the conditions, repayment discharge may differ.

Popular justifications for student loan cancellation

Borrowers’ lives have been pushed back due to student debt. Student debt is delaying borrowers from making key financial decisions ranging from establishing businesses and purchasing houses to marrying and having children, according to debt cancellation advocates. Not all debtors have degrees that increase their earnings potential. According to Brookings, persons with debt but no degree are four times more likely to default than those with a degree. According to National Center for Education Statistics statistics, 41.8% of students who started college in 2011-12 took out student loans. Six years later, however, just 59% had finished their bachelor’s degree. 

Student loan forgiveness might help to narrow the racial wealth gap. Data demonstrate that a lack of generational wealth causes many Black and Hispanic families to rely more heavily on student loans to pay for education. After graduation, the disparities persist: Because black and Hispanic graduates earn less than other graduates, they are more prone to default on their debts.

When can I file a cancellation request?

According to the Education Department, the application for student debt cancellation will be accessible in early October.

The application will be accessible exclusively online at first, but borrowers may expect a printed form at a later date.

Borrowers must file a loan cancellation request before the deadline ends on December 31, 2023. 

Alternatives to Student Loan Cancellation

1. Repayment Forgiveness Based on Income

The federal government provides four income-driven repayment schemes that allow you to set your loan installments as a proportion of your monthly income. If you participate in one of these programs, you will have your remaining loan debt forgiven after 20 or 25 years, depending on your plan. These programs are ideal for persons who have substantial debt loads in relation to their income.

2. Student Loan Forgiveness in the Public Sector

Public Service Loan Forgiveness is available to qualified nonprofit employees who have federal debts and work for the federal government. Eligible borrowers can have their outstanding loan debt wiped tax-free after making 120 qualifying loan payments. 


If you are experiencing difficulties or have questions regarding student loan cancellation 2022, it is important to realize that it is now simpler than ever to access all of the information you want. For further information, call 800-881-0687 or use the official website’s contact form.

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