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Freestanding Tubs

Meditation is the cure if your stress is making you feel exhausted and causing severe breakouts. The practice of meditation can help people become more resilient to stress. This can lead them to experience greater inner calm.

Specifically, bathtime meditation is more effective at reducing stress. It stimulates your mind, body, and soul while absorbing all the stress. One of the most popular stress relievers nowadays is freestanding bathtub meditation. Meditation in the bath will benefit both your physical and mental health.

What Exactly Is a Freestanding Bathtub?

A freestanding tub is a bathtub that has all four sides visible. It stands directly on the floor of your bathroom. A freestanding tub is not attached to any walls. Moreso, freestanding tubs are not part of a bathroom’s design and architecture. 

This means you have complete control over the placement, size, design, and material of your tub. The location may take advantage of a pleasing aspect, such as a beautiful view out a window.

A freestanding tub often draws more attention and acts as a focal point. When you walk into the bathroom, they immediately catch your attention. A freestanding tub can be installed in the bathroom’s open space or near the walls. 

The only requirement is to place a freestanding tub next to a shower. Or somewhere where the water and drain lines may be connected to the faucet and tub basin.

Ways to Relieve Stress Using the Freestanding Bath Meditation

Freestanding Bath
Freestanding Bath

For anyone in need of little extra relaxation, a freestanding bathtub meditation practice can be one of the most relaxing experiences. The best method to relieve stress, relax tense muscles, and wash the day’s burden away is to take a long, hot bath. 

A bath is a wonderful method to achieve a deep feeling of calmness. The following are some ways to relieve stress using freestanding bath meditation.

  • Prepare Your Bathtub

Fill your bathtub halfway with hot water. For relaxation, add a couple of drops of soothing essential oils such as jasmine or lavender to the water. Using oil with an organic aroma that you enjoy will improve your whole bath experience. 

If you like, you can use a bath bomb. You can drop it in the bathtub and have another kind of aromatherapy. Warm water and pleasant scents will relax your muscles and calm your restless mind.

  • Remove Any Distractions

Switch off your phone notifications. Inform everyone else at the house that you will need a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes to yourselves without any disturbance. Unfortunately, this also includes your kids.

If you have toddlers, you can let your spouse take care of them while you enjoy your meditation in your freestanding tub. If not, then put your kids to sleep first so there won’t be any distractions.

Arranging time for yourself and requesting what you want are key parts of self-care.

  • Take a Breath in and a Breath Out

Slowly and deeply inhale while lying in the bathtub. You’ll notice your stress gradually decreasing if you keep doing this for a while. You can now simply relax in the water. Do not allow anything to distract you while performing this, though. Distractions will only worsen your anxiety.

  • Remain in the Experience

By keeping your attention on your meditation and your breathing, you may keep your thoughts in the present. Let go of anything else at this time which isn’t important. You must meditate, which includes closing your eyes and keeping your thoughts blank.

Focus on how the water sensations feel around your body and let go of any stress you’ve been collecting. It may be challenging to keep attention on your meditation at first. By repeating the procedure, you will begin to see the effects.

Materials for Freestanding Baths

Copper and natural stone were traditionally the most widely used materials for freestanding baths. Although, they are now more frequently used for high-end luxury bathtubs. 

There are three prominent options today: acrylic, composite, and steel. Each has its own set of advantages. But ultimately, choose the bathtub which you believe is the best fit for your ideal bathroom design.

  • Acrylic Freestanding Baths

Acrylic baths are a popular item in contemporary bathrooms for a variety of reasons. The base material is less expensive than other similar options. Moreover, it is simple to maintain properly. 

The usage of acrylic material has the extra benefit of being excellent at absorbing and storing heat. This is ideal if you want a long soak in the tub. It will also lower the electricity use of taking a bath.

  • Composite Freestanding Baths

The composite bath is made from a mixture of epoxy and broken stones. They are usually quartz and granite and come in a variety of shapes and designs. They seem to be well-secured to avoid leakage. 

Natural stone freestanding baths are an excellent alternative if you want to see a more natural-looking design and wish to include natural materials in your bathroom. You can choose a classic appearance or a shade that matches your bathroom design.

Aside from natural stone freestanding baths, you can also choose cast stone models that look like natural stones. These are created by using natural stone, cement, and paints. Since the material is entirely synthetic, you have access to a wide range of designs and hues.

However, keep in mind that cast stone is far less lasting than natural stone. Stone resin baths, on the other hand, are visually stunning and have a reputation for being extremely sturdy.

  • Copper

Copper freestanding baths trap heat well. They allow you to continue your peaceful long soak. In addition to its many other advantages, copper is recognized as one of the cleanest minerals available because of its built-in resistance to mold growth. 

Furthermore, copper freestanding baths are available in a variety of shapes and can bring a touch of regal magnificence to your bathroom.

In Summary

Trying several types of meditation can assist you in finding multiple favorite stress management solutions. It is advisable to use a freestanding bathtub for stress relief due to the fact that you can comfortably lie down.

Bathtub meditation is an excellent method to include meditation in a stressful schedule. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to behave or perform in a particular manner; breathe deeply, concentrate on the present moment, and enjoy the bath experience.

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