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Cloud-based help desk software

Have you ever wondered what omnichannel helpdesk software is?

If not, Let’s Dive right in

Omnichannel help desk software is a tool that helps your business deliver a flawless as well as consistent customer experience in almost all channels. Let me give you an example, say a customer pings you via social media and later sends an email about their queries, here the customer is using multiple touch points to get in contact, firstly the social media and then the email. Therefore, cloud-based help desk software for any business plays a major role by showing you all the customer touch points in a unified place by showcasing all the required data from data to queries to attachments if any.

In this manner, companies can deliver a unified customer experience regardless of whatever channel their customers get in touch with them.

The major communication channels in which customers tend to raise queries

  • Email: This is the vast channel where customers write to a support email id. The help desk automation software detects this and the tickets get initiated.
  • Calls: The major resolutions take place via calls. When a customer makes a call the ticket gets initiated. Here, the companies generally integrate with call centers like Ameyo, ozonated, etc.
  • Social Media: Customers reach out via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Youtube and many more. All these platforms are again integrated and again it varies among helpdesk companies.
  • Customer Portals: The tickets get created if the customer enters their details in a form in different customer support portals like self-service articles, ticket history, live chat, and so on. It is a unified space made for customers.
  • Live Chat: Customers speak directly with a company’s representatives in the Live Chat. The chat software is integrated with Help Desk software. Every chat conversation between the customer and agent is converted into tickets with attachments if any.
  • Chatbots: In today’s rapid technology the need for AI chatbots is in demand. AI-Powered chatbots automatically engage with users. It responds proactively to users’ messages, analyzes them, and provides appropriate responses on a real-time basis.

Some of the benefits of Omnichannel Help Desk Software

1. Reduce Support Costs :

If you invest your money in multiple software to manage multiple channels, then definitely your support costs can increase abruptly. To avoid this you can invest in the right omnichannel help desk which comprises all the features. Reduce cost by bringing every conversation into a single platform.

Reduce repeated queries of the customers with the help of the right Omni channel base. As channels are unified in the software, the problem of switching the screens is eliminated as all the queries of a customer are listed on a single screen giving the agents a sigh of relief. This makes their job easier as they don’t have to connect to different Agents to know the queries of that particular customer.

2. Increase Customers Engagement :

Be it a chocolate or a dress, everyone loves to make choices. If a customer raises a query via different channels, the answers to their queries are given in the same channel of their choice, so here there are increased choices for customers. This helps customers to get flexibility as they have options to engage with brands via multiple channels. One of the best things is that they can do it with the indispensable device in their hand.

3. Personalize the Interactions with omnichannel feature :                                

What if I wish you a happy birthday? Will you not feel rejuvenated for a while? Customers will be naturally connected if you remember to reach out to them by their names and most likely if you remember their birthdays and know their preferences etc,. The more you show concern the more they will be pleased with you, which means eventually they will be pleased with your business.

The pre-recorder information can be accessed and the replies can be automated which again saves a lot of time. The Ticket history feature enables you to refer to the notes and give a more personalized experience.

  1. Provide Extraordinary Experience for your customers :

As everything is integrated effectively, customers can enjoy consistent and seamless support. Since Omnichannel help desk software brings multiple channels into a single platform, whether customers contact you via live chat, email, social media, or other ways, they get their queries resolved instantly. This kind of customer experience is efficient, smooth, and effective. It is also consistent across all channels.

You can engage your customers in such a way that they will be connected with you in the future as well because of the experience you have given them. It helps in the conversion of customers by building positive relationships and leaving lasting impressions of your brand. In short term, you can retain your customers to a large extent.

  1. Enhance Team Collaboration :

Most omnichannel ticketing software comes with powerful automation processes and capabilities, starting from ticket assignments to email surveys, there are multiple processes and ways where you can perform automation in order to enhance the productivity of agents and their teams. With team efficiency, you can remove workplace friction and distractions.

  1. Ascertain and measure the Customer’s Feedback & Empathize with it :

Ever wanted to know if customers love your omnichannel support? Basically, there are several ways to find out.One amongst most is very common and useful, that is feedback surveys. You can share the surveys and request the customers to give their valuable feedback after every step.

  1. Keep Data Secure :

Omnichannel help desk tools are highly indulged with security features so that your data will be safe and secure. There are options wherein you can set multiple agent roles such as Admin, Manager, Agent, and so on based on the level the access is given.

Omnichannel helpdesk software is highly shielded and safeguarded.

  1. Implement self-serve and save your agents time: Customers having queries to simpler problems can be resolved then and there with the self-serve portal, and the precious time of support agents is saved as the ticket flow will be reduced eventually.

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