February 2, 2023 7:56 PM
Clip In Hair Extensions

Hunting out to have a quick hair transformation within snaps? If so, then there is nothing better than clip-in hair extensions. They temporarily act as the best hair extensions for styling by supporting you with the length, texture, volume, and hairstyle you desire.

However, if you are new to them, don’t worry, we have made a simple seven-point checklist that you just need to go through, and you will get your hands on the best hair extensions present in the market today. So let’s check each one of them out.


Point 1- Hair Material

Today majorly of hair extensions are made of two hair types: natural human hair and synthetic hair. Natural human hair, as the name suggests, is made from natural hair, from cuticles to hair tips. They are easy to blend and style because they act to their true nature.

However, if you are looking for something very affordable, say under 50 bucks, you should consider buying synthetic hair extensions. They are good to go for a couple of hours, but synthetic fibers sometimes look very shiny and artificial.

So, if budget is not a concern, then clip-in natural human hair extensions are the best choice.


Point 2- Clip Material

As necessary as it is to take care of the kind of hair material you choose for your extensions equally, it is essential to take note of the kind of clips used to support the curly extensions. If you are using metal clips, they are not suitable for your hair. They might make you feel itchy and put more pressure. At the same time, the best hair extensions from brands like Indique come with silicone clips that act as a protective barrier between your weft and hair and make your extension safe to use even daily. 

Pont 3- Weight 

As the clip-in hair extensions put pressure on your roots by being clipped on them, you need to check how much they weigh to make the right decision for yourself. A good set of full-fledged clip-in hair extensions generally weighs under 6 Oz. If you are going for the hair extension with 8 Oz plus weight, it may cause you neck pains and even a headache.


Point 4- Styling And Maintainance

Well, the best part about hair extensions is that you can get experimental with your looks, and what is the point if you cannot do that? They could only be qualified as the best hair extensions if they are heat resistant and able to get styled without damaging the quality. 

So, make sure you buy hair extensions that are safe to style, color, and wash without being tangled. Prefer buying clip in hair extensions for the best results.


Point 5- Product Reviews

It often happens that what we see and receive is poles apart, and if that happens in the case of your hair extensions, it is a big tragedy. To avoid the same, make sure that you do some research on the product reviews. Check out the customer testimonials, and it will be great if you go with the testimonials that also have the actual picture of the product. 

To get customer testimonials, you can check the websites. Good brands like Indique place their customer testimonials along with the product for the authority. To double-check the product quality, you can also visit the brands’ social media platforms where they have displayed their product in real life. This will give you a better idea of how your hair extensions will look on you.


Point 6- Policy Return

Good brands do not fear because they trust the quality they are offering. It is very important for you to only buy hair extensions from the websites that assure you of the policy return.

This way, even if you made a wrong purchase, you can get your refund back. It is a very safe and intelligent purchasing decision that you should make not only to get the best hair extensions but also any product you want.


Point 7- Personal Store Visit

Not many online stores also have physical brick-and-mortar stores where you can get actual hands-on experience with the product. But if you find a brand like Indique that has 9 stores across the USA. You can pay a visit there, get a better idea of the product and even from the experts on how to install it.

This is the easiest way to assure quality and have the best hair extensions under experts’ supervision.



If you are going out to buy hair extensions, don’t make an impulsive decision because hair can make or break your look.

Run through these pointers and narrow down your options to get the best hair extension that is in your budget and suits your needs. We insist you even go to off-line stores where you can see and feel the product to get a better idea. If you want to buy out hair extensions in the USA, there is no better place than Indique. They deal in high-quality human curly hair clip-in extensions that are easy to style, maintain, treat, and blend perfectly well with your natural hair. You can visit their website or check their offline stores.

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