December 5, 2022 2:58 AM

As the autumn leaves have begun rustling and the Halloween vibe is settling in; we all know that Christmas is around the corner. The festive season is about to start and we are all uber excited to enjoy some much needed family time.

And what can be better than stuffing your face with gingerbread christmas tree at Gingerbread Folk, to enjoy the celebrations of joy.

It somewhat feels like a law; to eat something sweet to feel the joyous season. But what exactly are you craving? It is quite hard to figure out. Thus, we are here to help you decide! We have listed some of the best christmas snacks for you, to choose from.


1. Christmas Tree Brownies:

Tree shaped brownies will be filling the aisles of all stores very soon. It calls for the Christmas celebration. They are nothing less than a winter staple (for sure). Make them the spark of your Christmas table and enjoy the delicacy of their flavor.

2. Kale Flavored Candy Canes:

Although a lot of you might find this a little weird but some people really do love kale. And if you are one of them, or you just want to try something different; get your hands on one of these.

3. Gingerbread Christmas Tree:

Gingerbread is a must-have for your Christmas festivity. Every celebration is incomplete without it. And when they are shaped into Christmas trees; they look all the more attractive and cute. Make sure to put them on your Chirtsmas dinner table and see how they light up your occasion.

4. Brownie Ice Cream:

Now, who doesn’t love ice cream? And when it is a brownie ice cream, there is absolutely no way, one can say no. Get the 1g mini tubs to make a cute serving corner. Or just add canes on the serving bowls and serve them to your friends and family after the Christmas dinner.

5. Hot Cocoa Truffles:

Another must have for Christmas snacks are the cocoa truffles. Made and covered with dark chocolate, with a great filling inside; chocolate truffles are bound to make you feel good on the inside. They are just the right amount of sweet. And you will find it hard to stop munching on these (for sure).

6. Basket of Chips:

Add some of your favorite chips in a basket to create a perfect snack basket. Cheetos, doritos and whatever you prefer; place them in a basket to get the perfect holiday vibe.

7. Hot Chocolate:

That brewing hot cup of chocolate is a winter staple. And it defines the goodness of your Christmas holidays too. Stock up on your favorite cooking chocolate to sip on this cup of heaven, whenever you feel like. It is definitely a warm cuddle, on a cold winter evening.


What’s better than having some of your favorite snacks during your Christmas festivity? It isn’t really winter if you don’t bundle up these snacks together and have the time of your life with your friends and family, right?

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