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Low Commissions Realtors

America’s real estate market circumstances state that the year is the right time for sellers wishing for a good bargain. Selling a house is way more hectic than buying one, as your primary concern is to get a good deal on the sales.

Preferably, you would think of selling your house with a traditional full-commission real estate agent, who would represent you throughout the transaction and charge a commission of 5-6% depending upon the property locality.

Full-time realtors tend to provide the best service to their clients and market their houses for the best price possible. As said, their services come at a hefty commission fee, which you won’t be happy with. To maximize your savings and attain the same benefits as traditional realtors, you can choose to work with low-commission real estate agents.

Who are low-commission real estate agents?

Low-commission real estate agents are professional agents who charge lower commissions than traditional realtors. Where a conventional realtor charges up to 5-6 % of commission on total sales, low-cost agents charge half of it.

Choosing a low-commission realtor sounds attractive, but they also have some negative and positive points. A low-cost agent won’t dictate the commission for the entire transaction and will not share on commission with the buyer’s agents.

Whereas a traditional agent equally splits the 6% commission with a buyer as per real estate rules and regulations. However, your experience working with these agents can be frustrating and unsatisfactory.

Suppose an independent low-cost realtor charges you 3% for performing the same real estate transaction as full-time realtors; they tend to take up multiple clients to cover their earnings and make the most out of it.

Under such conditions, there are possible chances that a low-commission realtor would neglect some procedures and wouldn’t bargain for the best deal, as these arrangements require a reasonable amount of time and patience.

Also, when you offer them a low commission, they may not show your house to the best clients. Such negligence and the low-effort deal can be bypassed if you work with our rankings of the best discount realtors. They will surely help you find the right one for the sale of your home. Forget your worry about discount realtors near me, and keep reading the blog.

Discount Realtors near me: Company Rankings and Reviews

Houzeo is at the top of our list of Discount Realtors near me. The platform is an FSBO site that provides the best combination of max savings, max exposure, cutting-edge tech, and 5-star customer service.

Save well on Commission: Houzeo is an advanced tech platform that allows home sellers to list their homes on the MLS for a small flat fee, working with a listing agent who doesn’t typically charge a commission. It saves you almost 50% of the agent commissions right away.

Customize Your Packages: Sellers can customize the packages per their necessities and even opt for services like contract review, pricing assistance, professional photography, and more per the requirement.

Enjoy Cutting Edge Technology: Home sellers, after registering, get access to an exclusive seller dashboard where they can receive, review, and compare offers. The platform also allows contract updates, counteroffers, home showings, lockboxes, yard signs, and more.

5 Star Reviews: With excellent reviews on Google and Trustpilot, Houzeo is also the most advanced For Sale By Owner website in the United States.

Best For Zero hidden fees, MLS exposure, 100% automated process, listing within eight business hours with Houzeo concierge, buyer leads directly shared with the seller, counteroffer feature, and affordable full-service packages. No other low-cost discount real estate agency comes close to offering such features.


ListingSpark is the fastest way to sell your home for the most money in the United States of America. The company is best known for its “dollar a day” listings.

You can list on the platform and access other features for as little as $7 daily. They are the best discount real estate broker without insane commissions and hefty up-front flat fees.

Additional Features: The company’s premium plan includes pricing review, display time instructions, photo review, and more, in addition to MLS listings.

Self-Directed: The platform guides you through essential steps and offers the same seller tools that real estate agents use and other marketing advice. In addition, they also have a full suite of optional features, including proxy-hosted open days and trade coordinators.


Redfin’s high technology serves the best of their clients and helps them save good dollars on real estate brokerages. They offer combined features and an excellent user interface for a little commission.

Packages: In addition to the “full-service” Redfin package of 1.5% listing commission and a “concierge” plan that demands a 2% listing commission. However, the MLS listing at Redfin takes 18 days to get listed.

Redfin Agents: The platform’s realtor fees are the same as full-service listings agents. But they assure that sellers can save 20% – 30% on listing agent commissions. So far, the company has attracted many clients and will likely provide personalized service.

Additional Services: The other charges include real estate photographers, home search tools, MLS listings, open house schedules, yard signs, and more.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent is a discounted real estate agent company that helps sellers find a quality agent that serves the best of traditional realtors. You can check Ideal Agent reviews to know more about them.

Marginal Savings: You can list on Ideal Agent with 2% and save marginal savings for sellers with no obligations and matching service fee facilities. However, the processing takes a longer time to complete due to private funding. Hence, sellers must only speak to a concierge over the phone after assigning an agent.


SimpleShowing combines sellers with a group of agents, just like any other low-cost real estate broker. The company charges a listing fee of 1% of the selling price.

Agency management: The company operates on a minimum listing agency model, which means that the agency has greater responsibility for the work. Ideal Agent might be good for the company in terms of cost, but the quality of work can be compromised.

Additional Services: Sellers can get services such as MLS listings, professional photographers, home appraisals, and more.

Final Words

Before choosing a discount real estate broker, learn in detail about the platform mentioned above and its coverage area. To avail of the best services and save thousands on traditional real estate agents, opting for Houzeo’s plan can save almost 50% of the agent commissions right away.

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