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You are seduced by the many advantages offered by metal roofing pittsburgh but you are somewhat reluctant because of its price? However, contrary to popular belief, metal roofing is not necessarily the most expensive option, considering all the factors.

Thus, if its cost is often between $4 and $15/ft2 depending on the product chosen, it is essential to take into account its lifespan, installation cost, maintenance costs and many other factors surrounding its acquisition.

So before making your decision, carefully consider all the points below:

A long-term investment

If metal roofs sometimes have the reputation of being more expensive than other types of roofing, this does not take into account the long-term investment. In fact, while metal roofing can be slightly more expensive than asphalt shingle or elastomeric membrane roofing, its lifespan is twice as long.

In addition, metal roofing is 100% recyclable, which makes this type of roof covering a sensible and eco-responsible choice.

However, when you buy a roof, it is generally to be able to benefit from it for many years without having to renovate or replace it, which generates significant costs. If asphalt shingle roofs offer a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years, metal roofing can reach 50 years without difficulty.

No repair or maintenance costs

In addition, its excellent resistance to shocks and bad weather allows it to keep the same appearance over the years without you having to pay repair or maintenance costs. Indeed, metal roofing does not rust, rot or deform.

In addition, since metal is a non-combustible material, you are not likely to fear fires. It is all the more a good investment if you live in an area prone to snowstorms and hailstorms, because the metal roof is one of the only roofs that can withstand these bad weather without deteriorating.

A reduction in your bills

Metal roofing also allows you to save energy and reduce your energy costs in summer because it reflects the heat of the sun thanks to its reflective properties.

For optimal reflectance, the metallic white roof is the perfect choice. When it comes to increasing the life of a roof, this option is worth considering. So if the style of your home goes well with this color, go for it!

The metal for constancy and the white color for energy efficiency, since this roof accumulates much less heat. A good way to reduce your bills while making a gesture for ecology.

An increase in the value of your property

In addition to being an excellent long-term investment, metal roofing also adds value to your property. Indeed, being made of superior quality materials offering it remarkable resistance and aesthetics, the metal roof represents a considerable asset.

It is available in a wide variety of models and offers a very sought-after design, which appeals to a large number of people. This type of coating can be repainted and some roofs are entirely made in Quebec.

And for good reason, pittsburgh commercial roofing it guarantees future buyer’s optimal protection and a certain peace of mind, with a roof that they will not need to maintain. Indeed, it is ultra-light and does not retain snow in addition to being very rigid. A very significant advantage that allows you to slightly increase the purchase price of your property.

The advantages of metal roofing

Sustainability. If the metal roof is so appreciated it is above all and above all for its great durability if it is correctly installed.


Weather resistant. The metal roof also offers excellent protection because it has good resistance to weather conditions


A non-combustible material. With metal roofing, you are totally safe from any kind of fire. Even, metal roofs are incombustible.

Easy to install. Metal roof can be installed easily and very quickly. Summer or winter doesn’t matter, professional roofers can install it in 3 to 5 days.


Very simple to maintain. In addition, roofing will only require minimal maintenance. Indeed, it can be cleaned simply with water

Energy savings. Another benefit of metal roofing is minimizing heat gain.

An ecological choice. 

In addition, the metal roof is a 100% recyclable coating at the end of its life. Made from 30 to 60% recycled metal, metal roofing is an environmentally friendly choice



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