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harmful UV Rays

UV Rays can irreversibly damage your skin and hair with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, gray hair, and everything else that might falter your gorgeous appearance. Moreover, skin cancer is another common hazard.

But don’t succumb to the enemy of your beauty! Let’s start with these skin protection tips!

Use sunscreen above SPF 50

In scorching hot weather, always use sunscreen above SPF 50 for safety from skin burning and skin cancer. Apply one ounce of the cream for 30 minutes before traveling. Wear a lip balm or lipstick with SPF 30. Moreover, whether you’re at home or in cloudy weather, never skip sunscreen.

While buying sunscreen, look for a product that provides a shield both against UVA and UVB radiation and is water resistant. In addition, it will significantly help you to reduce sunburn and pigmentation.

Follow the instruction manual for sunscreen for the best results.

Don’t go out in intense sunlight

Avoid outdoor plans from 10 AM to 4 PM as the UV rays are the strongest during these hours. But if you cannot avoid it, lather up with sunscreen. Wear clothes with long sleeves and make sure your leg, feet, and hands are entirely covered.

Further, dark clothing helps to block sunlight more than light-colored dresses. So choose dark clothes. Look out for shades whenever your shadow seems shorter than you because it only happens that’s the hour of intense sun rays.

Wear sunglasses

Use sunglasses that have a 100% UV absorption lens for optimal protection of the eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Consider wraparound sunglasses as they block sunlight from entering on both sides.

Keep an essence spray handy.

If you frequently travel during the day, the good idea is to carry an essence spray. It reduces dullness, maintains your skin’s pH level, protects it from dehydration, and provides softness.

Now let’s move on to know ways how your hair can battle UV rays

  • Get a haircut

Book a haircut session from the comfort of your home and snip off the dry ends. A good trim maintains your hair’s healthy and nourished look and reduces the risk of split ends as you get rid of the dry lengths.

More importantly, if you have been facing hair dryness issues for a long time, you must get regular trims every 4 weeks.

  • Always use a hat outside

This is the best way to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. A hat will cover up your entire hair and shield it from direct sunlight. Try this simple solution if you regularly go outside for work, school, or college.

Pick a wide-brimmed hat to look stylish and protect your mane.

  • Take care of your hair color

If you have dyed hair, then you need extra effort to protect it from UV rays. This is because the hair-coloring chemicals can affect the hair color and even damage your hair from sunlight exposure.

Sunlight might fade out, alter your hair color, or make it extra intense or bleached. Further, the hair color treatment dries your hair. You might experience severe hair damage and breakage if combined with the UV rays.

To avoid these problems, use dedicated hair products for colored/bleached/dyed hair. It will moisturize both your scalp and hair.

  • Do shampooing effectively

Many people scrub the shampoo throughout the hair… and you guessed it… this is a BIG MISTAKE! This dries out your lustrous locks into lifeless ones.

Instead, massage the shampoo on your scalp and roots and work the lather down the shaft to eliminate any dirt. If you shampoo daily to cleanse build-up grime or sweat, pick a gentle shampoo.

If you don’t know about gentle shampoo, it’s quite different from regular ones. It has conditioning agents and natural ingredients to keep the hair smooth and silky.

Moreover, gentle shampoo is a bit more expensive than regular ones. But if you want a good deal on them, check out the rich list of gentle shampoos from Cosmetic Capital at

Over to you…

Though these tips will protect your skin and hair, merge them with a healthy diet and workout routine for the best result.

Bonus tip: After returning home from the intense sunlight, wait for 5 minutes before going to bathe as you might catch a cold. If possible, drink coconut water regularly to boost your immunity.

Your skin and hair will thank you even more!

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