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A counterfeiter’s use of your product is essential in maintaining the integrity of your brand and product, mainly if you sell your products online. You can lose business to a counterfeiter.

Your market value can decrease as a result. For this reason, before taking action, here are some valuable tips you can use to guard your products against counterfeiters.

Hence, look at these methods and keep your organization from disappearing. 

Use technology

Without technology in your business, you have fewer chances of protecting your product from counterfeiters. This is why the internet has contributed significantly to resolving this issue. 

The only thing you need to do is scrutinize counterfeiter activities regularly with the help of anti-counterfeit technology. Further, you can use Customer service software to locate counterfeiters and check whether your product is safe and secure. 

You should also search for products that seem to be similar to counterfeiters. If you don’t have time for yourself, that is completely fine, but you cannot risk your brand.

You can only sell your product through a limited channel, and anyone claiming to sell it without your authorization is a counterfeiter. When that happens, be prepared with anti-counterfeiting tools.

Facilitate the customers’ experience

Counterfeiters can leave a lasting impression on customers, preventing them from returning to you after their bad experience. Therefore, it is essential to make it easy for the customer to locate and identify counterfeiters. 

If you want to describe your product, you can do so in the description box. By doing so, it will be relatively easy for you to inform the buyers about your product. Even after that, ask them to report a counterfeit product if they receive it. This will help you maintain your organization’s integrity and help you build trust with your customers.

Get the property registered online

Registering your product on e-commerce sites can help protect you from counterfeiters. There is no doubt you have to spend a few extra bucks, but ultimately it will benefit your product. You can choose platforms like Amazon that already include preventative measures. 

During the registration process, you will need to provide the name of the product, the IP of the product, and all other information that will enable the platform to identify counterfeit sellers. Several online stores take the same measures to prevent counterfeit for your brand product.

Secure your product through IP 

To restrict other companies or organizations from using or manufacturing your products, the best idea is to secure your product with a patent, copyright, or trademark. You can also register your products in the countries where counterfeiter products eventually originated.

This way, your product will remain safe and secure from a counterfeiter. Besides, if you do not extend your ownership rights over the globe, then no one can stop other people from counterfeiting your products. 

That is why you need to build a trademark globally and recognize your product on national and international levels. In this way, your product will remain safe from a counterfeiter, and it will not harm your organization.

Use cypheme anti- counterfeiter technology

Using an AI-powered anti- counterfeiter is the best solution to protect your product from a counterfeiter. It is a great way to reduce the impact of counterfeiters on the company. Cypheme is a flagship tamper-proof noise print affixed on the product or package, showing the authenticity and global mark of trust. 

Moreover, it helps the customer to detect the product’s authenticity with their phone cameras, which increases the brand’s value. Every label is created with a unique fingerprint created by special chemicals.

This prevents others from copying the label. In this scenario, if competitors attempt to create copies of the label, your smartphone’s camera will detect it as fake by the Cypheme authentication system offered on each label. By doing so, you will prevent counterfeiters from using your product.


As a product owner, here is a piece of advice for you. Never take the war against counterfeiting for granted. You should permanently prepare your company with anti-counterfeit, and your fight should be proper in the center. It will ensure your product is protected and help your company’s survival.

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