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Starting a new job? Starting your first job? or Returning to the office after two years of working remotely? All of these scenarios can make you a bit nervous and anxious, especially if it’s the former two. Starting a new job or first job is a massive thing, and you want to create a good first impression on your colleagues and employers. But, as they say, first impressions last. To make this happen, preparing yourself for the first day is necessary. That means a lot of things. It can mean dressing properly, bringing the correct items, and much more. All these little things help you have a great first day in the office. Below we are listing a few tips for the first day and what things to take to your new office to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Prepare for commute: You don’t want to be late.

No one will like it if you arrive late on your first day at the office. Therefore, keep aside an extra 15-minutes for unforeseen delays- traffic, not finding a cab, or trains running late. Also, use maps or other mobile applications to gauge the traffic scene to ensure you reach the office at least 5 minutes before the time you need to show up.

Plan your attire the night before

Deciding what to wear to the office takes more time than you may plan. It can make you late or have you skip breakfast, and neither is ideal. Thus, best plan your attire the night before to ensure you are ready on time. It also helps ensure you don’t get ready in a hurry after completing all your other responsibilities- making food for kids, getting them ready, and more.

When picking the outfit, choose a professional outfit that is also comfortable. Also, plan and keep the accessories you want with the attire on the table to get ready timely.

Don’t forget to carry a notepad and pens.

The first day is the onboarding day, and you will get tons of new information. You want to write down the information to ensure you don’t forget any critical details. Thus, it is best to carry stylish notepads and pens with you. The office may provide them but don’t rely on it and carry yours. Also, carry a business card holder because you will get business cards, and you don’t want to stack them in your bag and forget all about them. Bookbinder design has an array of business card holders, pens, notepads, and more office-related items to make your first-day easy and stylish.

Prepare an introduction

Having an introduction or elevator pitch ready is one of the best things ever. Your new colleagues and seniors would have questions about your role here, your previous job (if it’s a new position), and more. It will be nice to have an answer that confidently answers their questions. The elevator pitch can also help you set healthy work boundaries, like establishing work hours.

Ensure your cellphone is on silent

Most firms allow bringing cell phones to the office. However, you don’t want it to ring during orientation, meetings, or when having a conversation with the boss. Thus, keep it silent or vibration. Also, don’t use the phone to check social media during work hours on your first day. It sets a bad impression on everyone.

Do carry food and snacks.

Sustaining yourself for long hours is critical for productivity. Thus, plan your lunch and a few snacks and carry them to the office. Thinking you will get something from the office or nearby cafes can work against you. Also, home food is better, nutritious, and cheaper, helping you work better.


If it’s your first day at a new job, carry essential documents like hiring papers and more to the office.


Yes, always carry mint as you don’t want to talk to anyone with an onion breath after lunch.

Lastly, wear a huge smile and be confident. As you are new, you may make mistakes but own them, learn from them, and follow these tips. If going back to the office after the pandemic, it will feel different, but you will get back into the same routine soon.

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