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Gambling Websites

There are multiple ways to encourage users who visit a website to take a certain action. However, you need to decide which techniques to use according to the industry in which you operate and the customer base you are addressing. For example, the strategies that should be used in a casino online site will be different from other industries. Below we share conversion rate optimization tips that will be useful for all gambling sites in the iGaming sector, but first, let’s briefly explain what it means.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

A website can be visited by thousands of people every day, but most of these visitors will just browse around and leave. Some techniques need to be used to encourage them to take a certain action (for example, to become a member). These are techniques that cover many topics, from site design to content, and are known as conversion rate optimization (CRO) for short. In other words, the goal of VRO is to encourage site visitors to sign up, buy a product/service, or click on a particular link. In this way, visitors will be “converted” to customers.

As we mentioned above, the techniques to be used for this purpose will be different for each site. For example, the same strategies cannot be used to encourage a gambler to take a certain action as to encourage a housewife. In this context, some of the most useful CRO techniques in gambling sites are as follows.

Personal and Valuable Content

Using personalized content on both third-party sites and gambling sites will make ads much more efficient and increase the conversion rate significantly. This means that many aspects, from design to content, must be chosen carefully. The design of the advertisement should be aesthetic, and the content should address a specific need.

For example, gambling bonuses are mainly focused on slot games. Bonuses specific to roulette, blackjack, and poker are rare. Although these games have a more limited audience, they tend to play longer and spend more. Therefore, an aesthetic advertisement promoting a bonus that can be used directly in these games can generate a high CRO. In addition, the specific terms of the promotion offered must be included in the advertisement. For example, if you have a bonus with a wagering rate of only 2x, you should indicate this in the ad: “There are many players who decide whether or not to become a member based on this rate alone.”

Use CTA on Landing Page

Most gambling sites use the landing page to promote the casino, and this is technically correct. However, such a promotion needs to be supported by CTA (call to action) elements, and most sites skip this. CTA elements that enable a specific action to be performed with one click will increase the CRO rate. The user should understand at a glance why he needs to do that action and be sure that he can complete the action very quickly. In this context, the membership form should be as simple as possible: instead of a three or four-page form asking the user to enter all his personal information, he should be able to sign up with a few simple info (email or phone): you can request personal information later.

Use FOMO Tactics

FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out” and is used to describe campaigns with a set time limit. If the users see that they have a limited time to take advantage of an offer, they may feel pressure to complete the relevant action. This is a technique that can also be used in the iGaming industry and can contribute positively to the CRO rate.

The best example of this is no deposit offers that are valid for a short time (e.g., 24 hours). If the ad with this offer includes a countdown, the user will rush to take advantage of it. Fear of missing out on an opportunity is a psychological impulse that can persuade any type of customer and should be used in gambling sites for the same reason. Make sure to place them on the landing page.

Social Media Is Important

The efficient use of social media platforms is important to increase the CRO rate. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok offer everything needed to turn users into customers: with the right social media strategy, you can get thousands of visitors in a short time and turn them into customers with the help of other tactics.

Special offers and unique & useful content for social media are among the most important tools that can be used for this purpose. For example, you can offer a special bonus only to those who follow your Facebook page or post simple gambling tips on your Instagram account. If visitors think they can access valuable information and/or take advantage of a very important offer, they will become your customers. In this context, it would be appropriate to use FOMO tactics and CTA elements extensively on social media too. Creating a brand identity on social media is also important for your business, no matter which industry it is.

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