June 1, 2023 4:41 PM
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Get Creative with Christmas Label Ideas

Many people enjoy making homemade presents, cards, and decorations to add a unique touch to their Christmas celebrations. You can use a handheld batch coding machine to create various Christmas- related labels to meet and greet your loved ones.

To make your holiday funkier, you can create highly creative and entertaining Christmas labels such as address labels, product labels, and gift tags.

Creative Christmas Label Ideas

It is time you get creative and put your ideas into action if you are looking for label and packaging ideas. We will discuss some ideas below so you can pick one and start working.

Premium Paper Labels

Labels made of premium paper offer an exceptionally smooth, brilliant white surface that produces excellent print results, particularly when printing artwork or photos with high resolution.

Gloss labels

You can use glossy paper labels to add a hint of festive sheen. When labelling things with a uniquely festive finish, transparent labels are ideal.

Transparent Labels

Transparent labels are ideal if you want to give your labels a festive look of their own. Instead of sticking labels all over your festive decorations, go for transparent labels, so you don’t need to worry about colour matching.

Personalized Labels

It’s cheap and straightforward to generate interest and excitement by personalizing or customizing your products with the right message and theme. It also helps customers feel more connected to your brand and its products. You may use these label and packaging ideas in your design without changing the branding of your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – Check them out.

Why are batch codes used?

A batch code is a series of numbers or letters used to identify and trace a group of identical items that share specific product features. The batch code includes production time, production date, and identification code.

How can I print batch numbers for a product?

The batch number is printed immediately after the completion of the production process. It is printed on the primary packaging of the product or the labels. It’s crucial to comprehend the packaging or labels’ substrate before printing a batch number on them.

Can two products with different batch numbers coexist?

Batch numbers should be different only within the same item. Another item can have the same batch number, which won’t affect it in any manner.

Does the printer use full-colour print cartridges?

No. The handheld printer prints a singular colour using a single colour cartridge for batch coding onto products.

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