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Are you interested in being able to download Instagram videos immediately on your phone or computer? Then you’ve come to the right place.
It might be a video tutorial that demonstrates how to make avocado brownies that are delicious and vegan, the most recent quotes from your favorite motivational speaker, or the first step of your son or niece. All videos on Instagram videos are worth downloading so you can view or stream offline later on the device of your choice.

A variety of apps offer the ability to store videos on your device. Beware of the myth that Instagram apps aren’t approved by Instagram. If you want to stay on the good side of things, there’s a way to download Instagram videos with no risk.


This article will guide you through how to do it correctly. Keep reading as we give you a variety of options to download Instagram videos to Android gadgets, iOS, and PC.

How can I Download Instagram videos?

Before we get started, bear in mind that copyright is illegal for copyright copies to be copied without getting permission from the original owner first. If you intend to download a video from someone else and then share it on your feed, make sure to mention the creator’s name and make contact with the person prior to posting the video (this is a common practice for all repost types including videos, not just).

This way you’ll have the ability to reuse content you enjoy by taking the time to grant permission. This isn’t an act of creating, but also helps keep you from being in the middle of a legal battle for copyright violations. The owner of the media will probably be delighted to hear about the work they’ve created particularly if someone likes it enough to want to share it!

If you’re uncertain, consult Instagram’s copyright policy prior to copying content from other users. Get real Instagram followers by visiting comprar seguidores instagram portugal now. After you’ve realized you have to always be in the safe zone (if you’re still not) then let’s go over the fundamentals that you have to follow to download the videos from Instagram to your mobile phone.
Do you have the confidence to accomplish it? Let’s get started! Did you know that you could also make Instagram posts on your laptop? Find out this simple PC trick to use when you aren’t carrying your smartphone!

Download Instagram videos to desktop

The most effective approach is to download the video manually from Instagram to your personal computer using any browser on the internet. For this, you’ll have to look to find the original source code of the video. You shouldn’t be concerned that it’ll be found by a quick look at the video’s internet page, where you’ll be able to get the download link.

It will also allow you to store it in the area you like and makes it more convenient to play it offline, then reuse the video, and then reuse it with the approval of the creator, in a manner that is obvious.

Here’s how:

  • Start your browser, and then open the video you would like to download in a separate tab.
    To download Instagram videos to your desktop first, open the picture in your browser.
  • Click on it, then right-click to select “Inspect. It’s also accessible beneath View Page Source, depending on the web browser you’re using.
  • The video can be downloaded from Instagram onto your desktop and then follow the next step.
    Ctrl + F opens Finding. Type in .mp4. It should show a part of the code in the result. Look for the link that begins with the word src=. It must appear as this:
  • You can download the YouTube video on Instagram onto your computer for 2 minutes
  • Copy the URL and paste it to the next tab in your browser. The video will play in the new tab and can be downloaded. When the video is ready to play, select right-click, then select from the menu Save video.
  • You can download the YouTube video on Instagram onto your computer for 3 minutes
  • It will save to the place you select on your computer. It is easy to access at any time even offline. It can then be downloaded to any mobile device or phone. The next step will walk you through the process that is focused on downloading videos to mobile phones.

Download Instagram videos to your phone

Before we start let’s find out how to download Instagram videos onto your Android device. If you’re an iPhone user, you should not follow this method.

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Send Instagram clips of Instagram to Android

One problem that could be identified as a problem present on Android is the speed at which you can view videos via your browser or via an app. It’s usually saved on your device. It’s then up to you to download the video from your file manager, which is where it’s stored. These steps will help you in doing this:

  • Take a look at the video you’re trying to save to Instagram through the model on your laptop or via an app for your smartphone. It’s important to keep in mind that only the portions you see will be saved so you’ll have to ensure you take the time to watch the entire video in order to export the entire version.
  • Next, open your File Manager on your device.
  • Go to Android Data and enter the. Instagram. Google in the box for search.
    Android file manager
  • Click Cache and choose Videos. The videos you’ve uploaded on your mobile device using Instagram will be accessible with the .clean extension. It’s important to know that they’re shown in reverse order, with the most recent videos watched and uploaded in the list.
  • The extension for the MP4 video files should be changed. for replacement of .clean. Alternatively, you can play the video as a movie and play it online, even offline. The video will be accessible from this page if you have not cleared your cache.
  • The most efficient method to download the video onto your Android phone might be a problem sometimes, so creating an easy screen recording is a good option to make the entire procedure easier. There are numerous applications that can help in this area, but the most well-known and popular in Google Play are Video Downloader, Instasave, Fastsave, + Download 4 Instagram as illustrated in the image below:
  • Android third-party apps that download movies from Instagram

Download Instagram movies to iOS

The process of downloading videos via an iPhone is slightly more complicated and Instagram is not able to download Stories or videos uploaded by other users.

It is possible to use the procedure as described below to assist with downloading the Instagram content that you need for Instagram on your iPhone. In this situation, the only choice you have is to record the content you’re looking for using a native iOS screen recording application. Here’s


  • Go to Control Center and press the button to record.
    The document will begin after the countdown of 3 seconds has turned into a recording.
  • If you want to stop the recording process, switch off Control Center. Open Control Center again, and then press the red circle Record button to stop recording.
  • Native screen recording is available in IOS
  • This final version will end up in the Camera Roll as indicated while creating the video. It will also let you save Stories to your iPhone!
    Strategies: Several free applications are available on the Apple Store and might be a good option to investigate if you’re looking for an easy and speedy way to download videos. I’ve tried several of them, however, I would recommend Instadownload or Downloadgram to complete the job.

Create your own Instagram videos for each Android and iOS

If you post your Instagram story video on Instagram There’s the option of saving it to the Camera Roll and any modifications you’ve made (such as adding GIFs stickers, GIFs, etc. ). To download the file, ensure that to click on the Download link at the right upper corner, before you upload it to Stories:

Download an account-related Story

You’ll still be able to download your story once it’s published. To download your created Story media, click on the three dots on the right side of your screen. Select the save button to save the video as well as the filters you’ve previously applied and edits. Visit comprar seguidores instagram to know more updates about Instagram. You can also save the story in the event that you wish to update it including filters and stickers. No matter what you select you’ll need to save the video that it will be saved to your gallery on your phone.

What is the best way to download the Story to the account that you own? Instagram account?

You might want to automate this procedure. To do this, start your Instagram application, and then go to the Settings menu, then Privacy & Security Settings > Privacy and Story Controls and select the option to save to the Camera Roll. Every time you publish your story, it will be saved to the gallery on your phone. Option to save your stories in your gallery

Utilize an application from a third party that allows users to save Instagram videos for each Android and iOS

In the event that none of those options sound like the best fit for you, There is a way to utilize an application from a third-party provider that allows you to download video files in an instant. Third-party apps are the most simple alternative, as they are compatible with iOS and Android. Be aware, however, that not all applications for saving videos are authentic Instagram partners.

Therefore, accessing your phone’s Camera Roll and giving them access to your information could affect your privacy. I’d suggest you look into any of these methods to use third-party applications instead However, the final decision is yours!


The use of third-party apps that allow you to download Instagram videos could seem like a secure option however, you’ll have provided the access to your private data to websites that are not official and you could lose your privacy online. If you choose to download the app yourself, using your PC, Android or iOS will require some knowledge that you’ve already helped in keeping your head on the right track with problems taking videos downloaded from Instagram.

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