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Gone are the days where blogging was seen as a waste of time, or was seen as people putting their feelings online for the world to see. Today, blogging is a huge market that allows people to make money on the side, or even earn a decent living on their own. However, when choosing a blog, it’s important to create a blog that is unique and can help internet users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Below are some of the best tips to help you choose a blog name suggestion, blogging niche, and create content to help your blog succeed! Using these tips can help you turn your blogging side hustle into a full-blown career.

Choose A Blog Name Relevant to your Business

Did you know that you can use blogging for things such as affiliate marketing, product reviews, and more? However, before you start using your blog to market your products and services, you’ll need to choose a blog name that’s easy to remember and that has an available domain.

A domain is also known as a website. For instance, if you want to use the name “Best Cars in California” for your business, your blog can be This domain name can help you create a unified business and blog site.

Namify allows users to create a simple blog name based on relevant keywords. Namify also checks these names for domain availability. Using an online blog name-generating service saves you time and helps you create a name that is relevant to your business.

Find a Unique Niche

There’s virtually an endless number of blogging niches to choose from when creating your blog. A niche is a topic that your blog covers, such as cars, beauty, mental health, and more. Some of the most profitable niches online include digital marketing, self-care, and health and fitness among others.

However, choose a niche that you understand and that you are passionate about! Choosing a niche that you are familiar with can help you create a blog that is authoritative, relevant, and isn’t boring. Creating content and running a blog isn’t the most fun job in the world. However, you can stay passionate about your blog if you choose a topic you love.

Create Unique Content

Content is considered one of the most important aspects of your website, since it helps direct traffic to your web page. Having a good amount fo traffic on your blog allows you to grow your website and turn leads into sales.

You can create content relevant to your site that ranks high on search engines with the power of SEO tactics. SEO is also known as search engine optimization. If you want to create a blog that has no associated website, but that still receives a lot of traffic, consider conducting keyword research beforehand.

Knowing what people are looking for online can help you choose a profitable blog and create unique content for your blog. When you’re ready to choose a blog and niche, use a name generator like Namify to create a unique blogging name with an available domain.

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