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Buy The Right Eyeglasses

A traditional way of thinking says that men’s glasses shouldn’t be too noticeable. Do you believe in that? Doesn’t matter even if you do! As long as your eyeglasses suit you, nothing else matters. This is why you must always choose the right specs that suit your face.

On some, it might even make a strong profile look less defined. Modern styles have accepted the idea that glasses are a fashion statement, just like a tie or pocket square.

Face Shape and Glasses

Here’s the basic rule for buying men’s glasses for your face shape: figure out what your face needs and get frames that give it to you. If your face has a lot of straight lines and planes, you should wear round glasses to add some curves. You’ll look better in straight or angled glasses if your face is soft and round. That’s the basic way things work.

Glasses for a face that is round

To have a “round” face, the width and height must be the same, and the chin and cheeks must curve. If you have a round face, your best look is something that is sharp and slims you down. If you wear flat, rectangular lenses that sit up high on your face, they will make your face look longer and thinner.

If the edges of the lenses closest to your nose are shorter than the edges on the outside, this can work, but the corners should be squared off instead of rounded. If you have a round face, you don’t want thick frames, so keep it thin.

Glasses for a square-shaped face

A square face is like a round face in that its width and height are about the same.

The features are more angled, and a wide chin and strong jaw square off the shape.

Men who want to look a little less tough can wear glasses with rounded lenses.

If you have a strong face but don’t want your glasses to make you look intimidating, squared-off shapes can still work. Just make sure the lenses are big and about the same size on both the top and bottom.

If you have a wide, square face, narrow, rectangular lenses will make you look like you have a permanent squint instead of steely determination.

The frames should be thin. Thick, dark frames can overwhelm a square face, which will draw attention away from the rest of your look.

Glasses for a round or oval face

The most common shape for glasses is an oval face. They look good with most styles if you don’t go too far. An oval face is longer than it is wide, has a round chin, and has high cheekbones. It can be matched with either squared-off or curved frames.

The lenses can be narrow or wide, but if you have a narrow face, a lens that is too square or circular (where the height and width are close to the same) might look a bit bulky. A thicker frame can give your face more definition, but don’t get something so heavy that it hides your real features.

Glasses for a heart shape face 

Narrow cheekbones and a small chin look great in pictures, but it’s hard to find glasses that fit them. If you wear glasses with wider top lenses than bottom lenses, they will draw less attention to your pointed chin. A butterfly-shaped outward can also help draw attention to the middle of your face.

Don’t wear anything too square or blocky because it won’t work with the curves of your face. If you have a heart-shaped face, frames that are too thin might make you look weak, so don’t be afraid to choose thicker wire or plastic.


The shape and even color of men’s glasses can be a part of how people see you. However, just like any other accessory, knowing how to select the glasses that will suit you is crucial to looking your best. You can check from the range of SmartBuyGlasses UK and see what fits your face perfectly.

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