February 7, 2023 12:37 AM
Cost to Develop a Wearable Device

Well, is your intent to get a piece of the wearable industry by developing such wearable devices?

Also, wondering how much it will cost you. You are in the right place. Please go through this article to know more about how much it costs to develop a wearable device.

According to the Statista report, the number of wearable devices used today is projected to grow by 1105 Million in 2022.

But when it comes to wearable app development costs, we comprehend that the cost of it is the most challenging factor. A mixture of complex processes specifies the functionality of a product. Also, the cost upgrades as the app progress from personalized to state-of-the-art.

For Your Information:

Do you know 3 primary industries are focusing on and expanding their market via wearable devices?! They are as follows:

1. Healthcare

2. Fitness and wellness

3. Defense

Healthcare is expected to monitor the health of an estimated 5 million patients by 2023 by spending $60 billion on wearable tech devices.

The department of defense is expected to spend nearly $11 billion on VR wearables by the end of 2022.

There are some major aspects which identify the development cost of any wearable device.

Which Factors are Affecting the Cost of Wearable Device Development?

Let’s check each.

1. User Research

Every wearable app development company will give the research period an acceptable amount of time so the clients can receive the expected results at the end!

Generally, companies do not charge this research cost but include it in the cost estimation at the end.

Hence, user research is also an affecting factor in the over-development cost of a wearable app.

2. UI Design of the App

A well executed user interface design is essential for better user experience. Because users will only interact with your app!

Let’s understand with a specific example of a smart watch. Below are the some most famous features of a smart watch.

Voice Commands:

Voice command is the most trending feature of wearables these days. This feature lets the user use their voice for performing certain activities. Hence, providing much time and effort to build a perfect design for voice commands is essential.


Almost every wearable now displays notifications of phone calls, direct messages, health alerts, completion of daily set activities, or day-to-day task reminders. Even some of those also let to send reply of direct messages or calling back functions. This is why maintaining the notification pannel’s design is way essential.


Basically, the apps made for wearables are likely to work without mobile phone connectivity. When you build such an independent application, you may reinvent it from the existing mobile app or start it from scratch. In both ways it will affect the cost estimation.

3. The Development Process

Wearable app development is different from the standard mobile app development process. At the same time, android development involves fewer interactions and has access to standard APIs. Also, leverages the API along with features of a smartwatch.

iOS development comes with specific requirements that pinpoint the wearable app’s cost.

However, people think that the cost of iOS development is higher than android but let us tell you, and there’s nothing like that. Nowadays, the development cost of both applications is almost identical.

The cost of any app development relies on certain factors like app complexity, the development process, the number of features in that app, quality, implementation of security protocols, and many more.

4. App Testing

The testing cost for wearable apps is higher than in other mobile app categories.

Why? Let’s know the reasons below.

Screen Size:

Screen size for every wearable differs from device to device. It is necessary to check each or how the app will look while working on that device.

Battery Life:

The battery life on the primary device is needed to test extensively before launching.

Data Syncing:

For the syncing data test, consider scenarios like what happens if the device gets switched off suddenly. Will the stored app data stay the same when you restart that device, or will the data get lost? And so on.

5. Post Launch Support

Many newly launched apps for wearables are likely to encounter unexpected glitches, downtimes, or even failures!

Nonessential to say for hiring technical support for maintaining wearable app development services to keep up an app’s performance standards, preventing downtime, and averting incidents of wearable app failure when the load is high.

These post-launch services may lead to additional expenses for multiple weeks!

6. Location of the App Development

Do you know the app cost for any wearable is highly dependent on the location app development company?

Yes, you heard it right. App development costs vary from location to location. And it will not be the same for every country/region.

Sometimes, this is the main reason many companies outsource their work.

The elements you have read above impact the cost of developing a wearable app. As you can see, these factors might add up to a significant increase in wearable app development costs!

Final Thoughts– Wearable App Growth is Anticipated to Grow Soon!

However, investing in iOS and Android wearable technologies will pay off in the long run. The growing vogue of wearable app development demonstrates this. Technology is constantly evolving. Therefore hiring the best wearable app development company is a reasonable investment!

You can approach any company based on their experience in the developing field, delivering results to date, or how experienced developers they have!

If I mainly take a name, it would be the Excellent Webworld! Why?

They are a well-known wearable app development company that builds interactive and user-friendly apps for smartwatches and other wearable gadgets. Their product team is skilled at assembling vigorous user interfaces and delivering highly engaging user experiences.

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