Detrimental Jails

How Detrimental Jails Are For Families and Community?

The jailing of a loved one is hard to digest irrespective of the reality whether it was for a valid reason or an invalid reason. Not only does it impact the person going through this phase but also the family and community that he/she is connected with. The highly impacted people in this process are the children. 

The family faces issues of many natures along with legal situations like economic hardships, people’s changed behavior, and so forth. The family always wants to get the loved one out of jail immediately and save everybody from the stressful and humiliating situation. Despite that, the impact it leaves on everybody is beyond repairable. Some of the major effects that have been seen are mentioned in the article head.

Extreme Chaos Faced by Families

Seeing your loved one in jail is not a good sight and even when you try to imagine such a situation you feel chills down the spine. Such phases not only disrupt the family’s emotional well-being but leave a big impact on the financial health of the family. If the person involved is the figurehead of the family then the loss of income is another tragedy. Despite all these situations, the main concern of the family is to get their loved one out of jail and see them in good, safe conditions. 

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An Economic Strain

Families usually see the financial burden when their loved one goes to jail due to two reasons. Firstly the person going to jail is the earning head of the family and the salary/wages will be cut when the person is in jail and unable to work. Secondly, the expenses incurred on getting a lawyer and keeping up with the legalities of the court and police stations are another financial burden. Families usually end up spending their rainy funds on such situations and experience financial problems later on. This financial burden even makes it impossible for families to manage the process of getting bail. 

Negative Impacts on Children’s Education 

The major impacted section is children. Children are emotionally immature and are unable to handle such circumstances. Not only does it leave an emotional impact on them when they see their parents or family going through miserable conditions but it also leaves a negative impact on their physical health. Secondly, the bullying they face at school is another grave concern. The financial burden that families face makes them unable to pay for their children’s education and end up compromising on education. This way the children get stuck in the overall problematic situation.

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