February 7, 2023 1:01 AM

Apple products enjoy a reputation for quality and performance. iPads feature a high retina display, a smooth and responsive touch interface, and features like Guided Access that make it appealing to use them as single app kiosks. Kiosk mode aims to make the user perform a specific function with the device.

Kiosk Modes for iPad

Guided Access Mode

This mode temporarily restricts the iPad to a single app mode, disabling areas of the screen that aren’t relevant to a task. For instance, a small business needs to show customers its products as well as collect contact information through it. But the company also wants to prevent customers from opening other apps or accidentally pressing the hardware buttons and turning off the screen. The guided access is perfect for such scenarios.

Single App Mode

Setting up ipad for small businesses in a single app kiosk mode where users can access only the selected app on the device. The app is available from the App store or private application for a particular business.

Multi App Mode

When users need to access multiple apps for work, the iPad is locked into two or more applications using the multi-app mode. 

Autonomous Single App Mode 

Only allowed applications can be set into autonomous single-app mode. Like single app kiosk mode, users can access only a single app but the app launches itself automatically even when it is closed accidentally.

Website Kiosk

Companies can also set up a kiosk browser using Scalefusion MDM. Users have access to whitelisted websites or web-based apps on a pre-selected web browser.

iPads in Shared-Kiosk Mode

For example, a user in a technical role may have a specific set of apps, while another user in a functional role may have access to a different set of apps.

Benefits of Shared iPads for Businesses

  • Allows multiple employees to share an iPad while providing a personalized experience for each user. For example, nurses working different shifts in a hospital can securely log in to the same device and access separate user profiles assigned to them.
  • Provides guest mode sessions without affecting any other user on the device. 

Management of multiple shared devices used by several users can be challenging. Businesses should consider enrolling iPads in mobile device management, like Scalefusion, to ensure data security while providing privacy for every user.

Application of iPad Kiosk Mode for Business

To unlock and maximize the value of self-service, kiosks prove to be a low-cost, high-satisfaction solution. 

For instance, an iPad kiosk in a restaurant can act as a self-order point of sale (POS) system. Customers browse the menu, place and pay for their orders at the kiosks. Customers can skip waiting times and pay the bill with no delay. As noted by Deloitte, In 2019, Taco Bell rolled out digital kiosks in its restaurants, with plans to add them to over 6,500 locations by 2020.

Wrapping Up

With iPads in kiosk mode, organizations can provide employees and customers with a device to carry out specific tasks. They offer different kiosk modes such as single-kiosk, multi-app, and website kiosk. Although the Guided access mode does not need device management support, other kiosk modes do require it. With a holistic mobile device management solution, businesses can offer digitized services using iPads to deliver a better user experience. 

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