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A person cannot think of Facebook as edgy and new but cannot deny its popularity. You will be surprised by knowing that more than 2 billion users are monthly active on Facebook, and 1.37b billion people use this social network every day.

Many people try to earn from Facebook, which is already earning from this broad social media platform. It can be very challenging to earn from Facebook because of the huge crowd. There is a Facebook algorithm; by this algorithm, not more than 2% of statuses of your loving craft reach your followers.

The Facebook algorithm works in main four steps. These are 


In this step, Facebook examines all the recent statuses shared by the friends and the page, followed by that specific person.


The second step is to analyze all the past behaviour, particular time spent on content, tagging, comments and post engagements.


The signal related to different posts is given to the user if that person will share, read, comment or ignore a post. By this, the taste of the user is tested.


The last point decides all the upcoming activities and posts that will be shown to that person based on the relevance score generated by each post, predictions and on the signals.

Who can earn from Facebook?

Facebook is a huge social media platform, and every person using this platform can earn from this. He can be an ordinary person, celebrity, influencer etc. Facebook is the only platform that allows people to socialize, hang out and can share things of common interest; you can buy Facebook page likes. This is the common reason behind the high weightage of the post on someone’s account rather than a post uploaded from the page.

Facebook provide a broad market in which a customer can promote and sell his product or service without any extra cost, and the chance of growth of the business is much more in comparison to the old method of offline marketing and advertisements. But all things are not easy as they seem. A person with a small number of friends cannot spread his business as far as he wants. To attain this position, the seller has to become an influencer that posts a regular feed and has an excessive amount of fan base.

The business account of that person should have goodwill by sharing quality content regularly and have progressive relevance scores.

First, build your audience.

One of the most common reasons behind a successful business account is they have a good fan following and a reputation in the market. For building an audience or fan following, the user should share interesting posts, excellent links, images and daily updates. By this, a new customer can trust them easily, and because of the good quality products or service, old customers remain in contact with them. Many influencers present already on Facebook, and many businesses account to use this influencer for marketing their product, for they pay an amount to them. For example, star bucks have shown great inspiration by gaining 37 million followers on their page.

The first aim of the Facebook fan page is to provide all the information about your business for providing a product or service. If the customer likes this information, then they can take the service or maybe not. This facilitates the customer to compare different business accounts, and they can choose what is best for them. Some customers also choose that business page who have more number of likes, and if you want more like then, you can buy FB page likes.

Different ways that you can try to approach a customer

  1. Selling items on page

You can see a wide variety of products or services selling on the Facebook platform; these products include a list of categories ranging from home and garden to bikes and all types of vehicles. A person can select a proper area according to his address in the business place and can start selling a product or service. Facebook also provide a feature filter that can be used by the person to set a price.

  1. Adding Facebook buys and sell group

You can earn a good amount of money from these groups just by uploading good quality posts and content related to your business. There are various groups of buying and selling are present on Facebook by which a p[a person can also share posts of his 

business and members of these groups will get the feed and increase the chance of reaching more customers to your business place.

  1. Influencer market

There are many small business accounts that are struggling for success; if you can afford some amount for promotion, then you should hire influencers. On the Facebook platform, there are many influencers you can pay to promote your product or service. This step can drastically change all the equations for business.

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