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Free Movies & TV Shows Streaming APKs

Are you a fan of movies and looking for the top movie APKs for free TV shows and movies to stream? The top freemium movie streaming apps for Android users are included on this list.

The following devices have been used to test these apps’ functionality:

  1. Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Cube
  2. Android TV boxes
  3. Android TVs
  4. Nvidia Shield
  5. Android smartphones

Let’s start now.

 Movies & TV Shows Streaming APKs

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is one of the top-rated streaming apps in the Google Play Store.

Since it is a Sony product, this app exudes quality. There is a sizable library of HD movies and TV shows available on the app. You have a wide variety of genres to pick from.

Additionally, you don’t need a subscription to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Similar to Cinema HD, you can download movies to watch them later offline.

You can watch mainstream movies on Sony Crackle in addition to other exclusive movies from independent production companies.

Sony Crackle has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it simple to find the movies you’re looking for with just a few taps.

Your streaming experience will be seamless thanks to the quick loading times of this movie streaming app and its contents. Additionally, it supports streaming on various devices.

2. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player platform accessible on the Android operating system, unlike the first two movies streaming APKs.

In other words, it offers much more than just the ability to watch movies. You can also enjoy watching local content and listening to audio. It is among the top media apps on Google Play thanks to these features.

Kodi, however, is not a streaming app in and of itself because it lacks content. The app instead keeps files in repositories. So all you need to do to watch a movie on Kodi is download a repository and install an add-on. In other words, Kodi only allows you to stream content when you use add-ons made by Team Kodi or independent developers.

It shouldn’t take more than one minute to download the repository file and install the add-ons. You’ll then enjoy an unparalleled streaming experience.

You can view local content, sports, movies, TV shows, anime, music, children’s programming, and live TV. The top add-ons for any type of streaming content are simple to install.

And now for the information you’ve been waiting for: You can use it for free.

3. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is at the top of the list of the best movie streaming APKs.

The movie links are high quality, as the name suggests. 1080p HD movies are readily available here.

What’s more intriguing about the Cinema HD app is that you can watch all of these movies and TV shows, including the newest and most popular ones, for nothing at all.

Utilizing Cinema HD is simple, and you can easily access the content of your choice. Simply perform a search for the movies or TV shows you’re interested in, and you’ll be given access to both streaming and downloading options.

You can combine Real-Debrid to get HD links and Trakt to keep track of everything you’re watching for the best streaming experience.

On any device, Cinema APK streams content very quickly. Therefore, you might want to check your internet connection if you notice that the app is lagging or buffering.

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4. MediaBox HD

PlayBox HD, CinemaBox, and HD Movie Box were previous names for MediaBox HD. The app has, however, received numerous updates to become one of the top free movie streaming APKs. It functions as a Titanium TV clone and is an exciting movie platform.

The streaming platforms FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes, and Nvidia Shield are all compatible with MediaBox. The streaming experience is also enhanced by integrations like MX Player and Real-Debrid, which let you download and watch HD movies on MediaBox.

The app has a special feature that allows you to track your viewing habits without using Trakt. You can quickly browse a wide variety of genres and apply filters like rating and release year.

The ability to stream your preferred content on Chromecast is another advantage of this platform.

Along with its easy navigation, the app is well-liked for its clear, engaging user interface. You can stream and download 4K movies from many reliable links.

Furthermore, you can access the movies and TV shows on this app without signing up or paying a subscription. Most movies also come with subtitles.

5. Stremio

One of the top free Android apps for streaming movies and TV shows is unquestionably Stremio.

This APK takes an unusual approach to online movie streaming, though. Similar to Kodi, Stremio offers a streaming service that lets you add third-party add-ons to access free movies, TV shows, sports, news, music, and live TV.

It also has a straightforward interface that is simple to use.

The fact that this app requires users to register in order to access the movies on its platform is something I don’t like. However, this isn’t much of a problem because you can use a VPN to remain anonymous while using the site to register and access it.

Once you sign up, your personal Stremio content library will sync with all of your preferred streaming devices, so you can access it from any of them.

Because the APK uses BitTorrent technology, you should also use a good VPN when using Stremio to stream movies.

This channel offers a wide selection of excellent movies and TV shows. Additionally, subtitles are available for the best viewing experience.

Additionally, this app has some other cool features that will make it your preferred app for streaming movies, including the ability to watch movies on Chromecast and calendar features that will notify you of the newest YouTube channels and TV shows.


You would undoubtedly enjoy having free access to and streaming your preferred video content.

However, it can be risky to use these free apps on your streaming device. This is due to the fact that many IPTV services and add-ons are hosted on unreliable servers.

So, you should safeguard both yourself and your technology. Utilizing a top-notch VPN is the most effective way to do that. By concealing your IP address from your internet service provider, third-party websites, and governmental organizations, a VPN will increase your privacy and make you anonymous online.

Therefore, to hide your IP address and guarantee your online safety, start using a VPN right away.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the top movie APKs. Please leave a comment if you believe we missed any.

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