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Cake is the best treat for every occasion. You don’t have to think much if you are celebrating your moment with a cake party. There are many different cakes that you can order according to your preference. Cake is liked by everyone and every age of person. So you can also surprise them with order cake online or send cakes online from the internet.

Although we should make everyone feel special each and every day. But on a special day we can make her feel extra special. Make your unexplanatory love expressive with these cakes. So make your loved one feel special with cakes and flowers. As taking your special one to her favorite place is also a nice idea

Cakes make each and every celebration more special. You can convey your words to your special one  by writing them on the cake.  Here are some finger liking cakes that you can order online.

Tasty Fruit and nuts cakes 

This tasty and yummy cake is filled with dried fruit and nuts. There are many dried fruit available. You can add the dry fruits according to your preference. And can enjoy the tasty and yummy bite of fruit and nuts with your mom.

Choco loaded Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is a favorite of each and every person. It is yummy to eat only chocolate cake. But combining it with different ingredients makes it tastier and watery. You can make different combinations of chocolate cake. Like fruits and chocolate, nuts, caramel with chocolate, and many more. The bitter taste of dark chocolate thus makes it a perfect match for another ingredient. Make your mom surprised by buying cakes online for this special occasion. 

Red velvet cakes 

The deep maroon color of this cake attracts everyone. The cream cheese buttercream on it gives the ultimate texture to the cake. The buttercream combination is so yum that you enjoy the soft bread with cream. The classy look of the cake is because of the crumbs present on it. The simple look of the cake with its delicious taste is an amazing combination. 

Mouthwatering  Black forest cake 

The chocolaty cake crumbs melt on your tongue with vanilla-flavored cream. The chocolate Ganache with cherries as a topping gives the cake an amazing look. And the delightful black forest cake is best to celebrate your small and precious moments with your loved ones. You can easily get this cake online.   

Fused Lychee Mango cakes

Two layers of lychee-impregnated sponge sandwiched between mango curd and lychee pieces. The cake was topped with two-tone mango frosting and lychee balls and macarons. If your mom loves mango and lychee then this is the best cake you can go for. Because of the additional flavor of mango and lychee, it is most famous this summer. 

Infused choco vanilla cake

If you are both a chocolate and vanilla lover. Then this cake is the solution for you. Know there is no need to compromise with your preference. This cake can give you the two best flavors in one cake. The fusion of chocolate with vanilla and topping with garnished chocolate and cherries. Can make your mouth watery.

Delicious butterscotch cakes

The fusion of bread and butterscotch sauce makes your mouth moist, luscious, and delightful. The addition of butterscotch with buttercream makes the cake more tempting. The soft spongy cake with caramel and crunchy praline can make your celebration more astonishing.  So go and take a hold of this cake.

Indian Rasmalai cake 

It is basically the intermixing of the famous Indian favorite dessert into the cake. Rasmalai is a well-known dessert in each and every celebration. To make your celebration more remarkable it is intermixed in the form of cake. The flavored Rasmalai milk with cream and topped with rose peats and nuts. Make the cake more tasteful. So chill with this famous Rasmalai cake with online cake delivery in Kolkata enjoy super Rasmalai cake. 

Celebrating your special day with such a yummy, delightful, luscious, and flavorful cake. To make your mom feel special. You can add some lovely messages to these amazing cakes. And also get your customized cake according to selection.

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