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Cold-Weather Styling

Getting dressed for an office can be a tricky affair. Especially when you have to make a choice between formal and semi-formal dresses with dupatta. Obviously, no one wants to come across as someone who is too dressy. But you won’t appreciate being considered shabby at work as well.

Here are a couple of cold-weather styling hacks that you can take to the office.

Color Block

Whenever you are in doubt, you should go for color-block. Hint: Take inspiration from Meghan Markle. You won’t regret doing so. In case you do not get an idea of what her style is like after having a look at the pictures, let me guide you. You should ditch the all-black look and add more bold colors to your closet.

But you have to be colorful while choosing the colors as well. You cannot just think of adding any colors. Because the colors that you choose to wear have a direct impact on your mood too. Therefore, consider mixing pastels and bright colors together. You can top up the whole look with a neutral-colored bag.

Don’t Tuck in Pants

Please do not go by the old style where people tuck in their pants inside the boots. You have wide-legged trousers to your rescue. So the next time you head out to shop something for your office attire, invest in a pair or two of wide-legged trousers. Make sure that they are perfectly cropped.

It would give you a very professional and chic look if you pair your trousers with heeled boots. You do not have to worry about the material of your trousers. Denim and leather both will work.

Chic Thermals

I always thought that thermals were to be hidden from the people around. It seems like flaunting your chic thermals is a new fashion. It was the need of the situation because people get too lazy to dress in winter. And dressing up for the office early in the morning is a task. Therefore, you can invest in underpinnings that also give a very office-appropriate look. An example of a brand that deals in this kind of dressing are Matek.

But you must remember that the thermals that Matek offers are chic enough to be worn on their own. You can pair those thermals with a skirt or a pair of trousers. You can even consider wearing a turtleneck under your silk blouse or button-down shirt to give yourself a chic look. While also looking cozy.

Center Your Look around the Skirt

If you get confused as to what you should wear to the office every day, you should invest in a couple of skirts. You can then center your various looks around those skirts. It is very easy to decide on what to wear when you are clear about one piece of clothing. You cannot only wear stockings underneath your skirt but tights and leggings as well.

Wearing a blazer or a trench coat after wearing a suitable top won’t harm the look. You will still look chic while wearing so many layers. This is the magic of wearing skirts. You can top up the whole look by wearing boots or heels. The choice is yours.

Give Button-Down a Rest

It is very common for almost all of us to opt for button-down shirts. Because they look like the safest option that one can wear to work. However, you can decide against wearing them as well. There are so many options that you can choose from in winter. Especially because you have many options for blazers and coats to keep you warm when you are not in the office. And heeled boots that you can pair up with almost every outfit. These things help to add a formal look to your overall attire.

Leather Pants for the Win

Ross found it hard to get rid of those leather pants he was flaunting. However, we all are smarter than Ross. So assuming that none of you will get yourself in similar trouble, I suggest you invest in leather pants. You can trade your slacks for a pair of leather pants. This will give you a better look.

Leather pants are capable of elevating any look. Whether you plan to wear a button-down shirt or are opting for a silk shirt, you can pair leather trousers with them all.

You can even try turning the casual dresses for women into a formal or semi-formal look for the office. The options are unlimited. All you need to do is the creativity and the courage to think out of the box.


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