March 29, 2023 2:31 PM

Everyone spends a considerable amount of time at the office. And it’s undeniable that employees influence the company’s dynamics as they are an integral part of this ecosystem. However, many of them become demotivated down the road. Some companies feel that occasional lunch get-togethers can be a solution to this, while this doesn’t happen like this. You cannot achieve growth and innovation through ordinary things. You have to see this as an entire journey and nurture everything. If you want your people to become innovative and inspired, here are a few ideas you can try to implement.

Corporate Entertainment

Everyone in the workplace has to chase the work that puts them under tremendous stress. As a result, employees don’t get enough time to relax and laugh. They also lose their ability to be creative in their approach. They need a break from this rut. You can organize a corporate event for their entertainment so that they get the much-needed escape from daily work stress. It can open up a way for building corporate relationships, which cannot be possible during office hours; it can happen at a limited scale only. If you plan a proper event, you can look for an emcee for hire. Someone with excellent comedy skills and sensibilities can add a nice touch, helping to lighten the mood appropriately.

Small gathering or casual setting

You don’t have to do things at a grand level. It can be a group of a few employees you invite for dinner and let a corporate comedian serve a dose of perfect laughter. It can allow your people to remain engaged and feel more involved even if they don’t sense it. Some ask if this is a good idea. Corporate event experts say that nothing can bring people closer than laughter. When they laugh and unwind, they naturally bond and experience the beginning of a new journey. If you wonder what a corporate comedian does, you can imagine a standup comedian. Of course, they tend to be cleaner in their jokes and know the occasion well. You can expect them to customize their acts based on your company. The topics they choose will be able to have a strong connection with everyone. As a result, the team can effortlessly engage and enjoy.

No-hierarchy thing

Modern companies benefit from a flat structure. Too many restrictions, rules, and systems don’t leave scope for innovative thinking and creativity. Suppose some motivated employees come up with a great idea but get stuck in the process of endless barriers due to internal politics or other reasons. However, if you remove the red tape, things can naturally flow and culminate into something desirable for the company’s growth. When you do this, you make your people feel supported.

Reward and recognition

Someone who has been working hard for the company may eventually lose interest in it without finding proper acknowledgment. Some people can hesitate to come into the spotlight. But they will also secretly admire this gesture. Although you don’t need to do it every time, recognizing their efforts at the appropriate time can be the best approach. Rewarding employees for their contribution works like a token of appreciation. It will keep them focused and engaged. If you want to do it creatively, organize a friendly competition internally. Else, a shoutout is also a good way.

No one can stop a happy company and employees from growing. So, make sure you do something about it.


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