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Employed by a delivery agency, the delivery driver’s mission is to ensure the timely delivery of all types of goods to individuals or professionals. Their job requires them to travel within a limited geographical area in a light vehicle whose operating condition must be regularly checked. Although he works alone, the delivery driver is in closer contact with customers and represents the image of his agency to them. But how can you promote your skills as a delivery driver on your CV?

Presenting all your skills  

As a professional business card, a good CV must be effective, readable, clear and easy to understand. Indeed, the delivery driver resume description must be based essentially on the latter’s skills. To do this, you must first adopt a design and a particular structure that reflects your rigour and inspires great confidence in recruiters. Once the design has been chosen, you should then detail all your professional experience. This description should mention the position held, the field of activity of the employing company, the type of goods transported and delivered as well as the various tasks performed on a daily basis.

Describing the various training courses and customer relations experience

First of all, it should be noted that no diploma is required for this profession. However, obtaining a vocational baccalaureate or a CAP/BEP in the logistics or transport sector is a great advantage. In fact, recruiters tend to trust candidates with one of these diplomas. This is because they more or less attest to the ability of the latter to carry out the tasks entrusted to them correctly. 

In addition, maintaining a good relationship with customers is one of the criteria assessed by employees during recruitment. In order to do this, it is important to correctly illustrate one’s sense of customer relations by giving examples of problems encountered during the performance of a delivery assignment. Examples of such problems include: late delivery, damage to goods, etc. The aim is to outline the techniques used to approach the customer and deal with the problem. 

Mention the type of licence obtained

As the name suggests, the delivery driver spends most of his time or day on the road delivering one by one the goods entrusted to him to the recipients. In other words, anyone wishing to work in this field must have a driving licence. For this purpose, the driver’s licence and other relevant qualifications of the applicant for the position of delivery driver in the field of transport should be indicated in the CV. 

In addition, the « Interests » section is where employers can get to know their future employee better by learning about their passions and desires. To do this, try to present your interests well. However, don’t forget to give priority to those that generally call for your skills and qualities such as: organisational skills and respect for delivery deadlines. Finally, make an effort to reflect a good professional image by paying particular attention to the presentation of your CV and avoiding spelling mistakes.

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