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Daphne Dorfman

The news that Daphne Dorfman took her own life shocked many. Many people couldn’t understand why she would kill herself. Why did she do it? What was going through her mind? After her suicide, Daphne posted on Facebook, that said, “How do you say goodbye I am sorry.” She also asked people to forgive her and not blame her for her daughter’s suicide.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Daphne Dorfman, including what her story looks like and how she got discussed.

Daphne Dorfman: Transgender?

Daphne Dorfman
Daphne Dorfman

What if I told you that a woman named Daphne Dorfman is the most famous transgender woman in the world? Well, she’s not, but she has a lot of followers and a lot of people who love her. She’s been in the spotlight for years, because of her comic role and social activity. 

She is a well-accomplished comedian, actress, and transgender rights, activist. As a software engineer at Vineti, LLC, she helped design and implement innovative software solutions that support the company’s mission as well as transgender community members by empowering them through teaching.

What She Working 

Dorfman is well-known for her stand-up comedy rule but only a few people know that she also served her services as a senior software engineer based at Vineti, LLC for many years.

Personal life

Daphne Dorfman
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Daphne Dorfman, a transgender woman, is a comedian who is known for her stand-up comedy routines. She is also a trans activist and has been outspoken about the challenges of being transgender.

Danphe Dorfman Daughter 

Danphe Dorfman Daughter 
Danphe Dorfman Daughter

Dorfman asked her loved ones to make sure her daughter knew she was loved and not to blame her for ending her life in her note.

Daphne Dorfman’s Daughter, Naia, should be aware that this is not her fault. She urged her to remind her that she loved her with every fiber of her being, and she ended her last ever note.


Daphne Dorfman considered herself to be an American since she was born or raised in the US.

Her net worth

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information related to Daphne Dorfman’s net worth as she has not revealed anything in public, however, as soon we get the information we’ll be happy to add to this read.  

Her Date of birth and Zodiac sign

Daphne Dorfman, an actress, died by suicide in San Francisco at the age of 44 in 2022 with no appropriate date of birth or zodiac sign. 


For now, we don’t know where she completed her graduation, but she has a good academic record and is influential among other transgender.

Chappelle and Dorfman Relationship

In the fall of 2019, Daphne Dorfman and Dave Chappelle first connected through stand-up comedy. They had a connection, but neither of them knew publicly reveal it until Chappelle referred publicly on the Netflix show Special Stick & Stones. 

Dave Chappelle Daphne
Dave Chappelle Daphne

But after a few months of hanging out and working on material, they realized that they both had a similar perspective on life and the world. The comedian made headlines with a homophobic statement when he appeared at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami. The comments were widely criticized by LGBT advocates and fans. The comedian was not intentionally offensive, but the words he used were not the best choice.

It’s interesting that Dave Chappelle Daphne said he was attacked because of his views on feminism. Daphne was the only person who could really understand what Dave was going through. She supported him and even took his side when people called him a bigot.

Daphne Dorfman Instagram

Danphe Dorfman’s Instagram account was not accessible since her tragic death. However, her friend Champelle has over 2.1 million followers at the time of her death, even though he was rarely active on his account, unlike other social media accounts.

Daphne Dorfman Twitter:  Daphne Dorfman has no official account on Twitter as she has other social media apps for communication use.

Transgender Comedian, Daphne, Dies By Herself.

The comedian died by suicide. On Friday, October 11th, the Office of Transgender Initiatives in San Francisco confirmed the news on their social media account. 

So, it has been confirmed that Daphne Dorfman died due to suicide. Her suicide took place at home. Her cause of death is pending the results of the autopsy. There are no reports of foul play.” 

Death Reason

It was earlier reported that she killed herself which was later confirmed through investigation that it was a suicide. Many people in the transgendered community mourned her death. Some even called it a murder.

Transgender people suffer depression because of societal prejudice and this event further triggers their sentiments. There are still people who think they can’t be happy unless they are a man or a woman. Some people even think that being trans is wrong. It is sad to know that someone who was born a trans was unable to live a full life.


Daphne Dorfman is a self-described nerd who has a passion for technology, she worked for Vineti as a Software Engineer and she loves helping others learn new things. She has been working on building out the web development firm, which she uses to share her knowledge with the San Francisco LGBT Center

She was a well-known comedian and actress, and she supported many different causes. In addition to being a huge part of the LGBTQ community, she was well-known for her work on transgender issues as well.

Dorfman’s friends and family have been in shock since she died. She has been working in the field of technology for a long time along with her comics role. Her friends said that she has been doing great work with the transgender community.

She also had the privileged to train many transgender members in the technology skills that empower them to become self-employed all by own-self. Dave Chappelle, his close friend was a comic, actor, writer, and producer based in San Francisco. He also had a successful career in comedy also contributed a lot to this righteous cause.

This was a quick overview of Daphne Dorfman’s life and career!

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