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CCIE and CCDE are the networking and security certifications by Cisco. These certifications are highly important for the majority of the users. If you want to make your career in IT industry. Then CCIE and CCDE are the best options for you. It guarantees your bright future. Across the globe. There is a great demand for this certification. Every enterprise and business sector needs to make their networks efficient and powerful. It needs to make them safe for them. In this way. The employers prefer to hire the reliable team of the certified people. It is easy to prepare for the exam with the help of the SPOTO. It is a reliable platform that provides authentic material to pass the exam.

Exam Topics

Application Development with The Assembler API

  • Describe the features of the Assembler API in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Utilize the Assembler API in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Configure the Assembler API within a web application in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Implement results handing with the Assembler API Cisco Endeca Commerce

Overview Of Query Types

  • Describe the query types and their parameters in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Identify advanced query scenarios in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Build and optimize queries in Cisco Endeca Commerce

Experience Manager Concepts

  • Describe the components of Experience Manager in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Configure Experience Manager components in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Create and Manage Experience Manager templates and cartridges in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Identify the business value of Experience Manager and its components in Cisco Endeca Commerce
  • Manage Merchandising Rules in Cisco Endeca Commerce

1.       Working with Search Features

2.       Pipeline Development

3.       Record Design

4.       Application Configuration

5.       Architectural Overview

6.       Product Overview


How To Prepare for The Exam?

Information and knowledge can get through internet. Websites are the main source to update people about the information of networking and security.

  • These website provide latest knowledge and recent discoveries of networking.
  • These resources are organized by professional and expert people.
  • Tutorial material. References and resources are lying for the instant help of the people.
  • These online courses are information and full of knowledge.
  • The online study materials are easy way to the various effective fields of life.
  • It provides tutorial help and guideline to students for the assignments.
  • It is helpful for the teachers to get latest knowledge and keep then in touch with recent news of organic chemistry.
  • Motivation for the better output is the first preference of these courses.
  • They are fully equipped with new technology.
  • Practical task requires to done by the learners.
  • These courses activate the student to more efficient it their assessed tasks.


It is simple and easy to access those websites. As it is mentione above that Cisco certification has become an industry. So, it needs a huge number of engineers. Professional and experts to run this field successfully. You can learn about it and Cisco certification recertify. Due to the significance and the scope of the Cisco certifications. People rush towards it. They try to get knowledge about it through online courses.



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