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buy csgo accounts

Where can I buy CSGO accounts?

Even if there are numerous places where you can buy CSGO accounts and CSGO Smurf accounts, the issue is either that they are incredibly expensive or that they are not authentic accounts. We at GoForsmurF promise the highest quality accounts at a very low cost. The accounts are reliable, and leveling up has not included the use of any hackers. Additionally, GoforSmurF guarantees immediate product delivery, and with free 24/7 chat support, it’s an all-around win-win situation for you. So why not start now instead of waiting?

How to Purchase Smurf and Prime CSGO Accounts from GoForSmurF?

Here are the stages in detail that are simply described to you:
  • Visit the Goforsmurf website to purchase a CSGO Prime Account.
  • You will be able to browse many Prime Account tiers; pick the one that best suits you. Simply select the Add to Cart button.
  • Go to the ORDER page now and select the Continue to Buy button.
  • Register with your account.
  • Select a payment processor, then confirm your transaction.
  • The CSGO account details will be given right away to your email after the payment has been completed.

What are CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO wasn’t always a free-to-play game, hence playing it required spending money. On December 6, 2018, Valve made the decision to offer the game completely free on Steam. However, individuals who had previously purchased the game received a loyalty badge for their account. The loyalty symbol also indicated that these were Prime accounts.

A premier account has the benefit of better matchmaking and 100% clean accounts, both of which are advantages. The teammates are more cooperative and less likely to abandon a game in the middle of it, which is quite helpful. Consequently, it provides a very positive overall gaming experience.

Currently, obtaining a prime account requires either paying Steam to upgrade your account or playing games on a non-prime account until it reaches Level 21. To get to Level 21 in CSGO, a lot of work and effort are required. We at GoforSmurF can help you out here by getting you Prime and Non-Prime accounts at a very low cost.

Advantages of a Prime account:

superior standing
only play against Prime players
Access to all community-operated servers’ exclusive inventories.


Many people have regarded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the pinnacle of competitive gaming over the years. Many individuals of all ages find it enjoyable. When you first start playing CSGO, you are always matched up with them in your Non-Prime game, so you are teamed up with players who always let down the fun and competitive aspect of the game, whether it’s a hacker, griefer, or Spin Botter. Despite the fact that many people enjoy it, there are still some players who are always there to ruin your gameplay.

All of the CS:GO Prime accounts that are available for purchase have had their ranks unlocked, giving you the choice of selecting the rank from our website that you think will put you consistently at the top of the leaderboard.

Additionally, GoforSmurf offers low-ranked Smurf Accounts to help you stay competitive, destroy your opponents, and attract the attention of your comrades as you demonstrate your abilities to the group.

Simply choose the item you like to purchase in order to buy CSGO accounts. Additionally, you can buy several products at once. And make a payment using one of the following methods:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptocurrency

once the payment has been successfully completed. The information for your Steam account will be sent to you through email at the address you gave us.

We provide you the assurance that your products will be delivered quickly. Additionally, with such straightforward payment options, you won’t ever be indecisive when choosing to purchase accounts from our website.

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