February 1, 2023 8:59 PM
Bone and Joint Diseases and Why you Need to Visit your Orthopedic Doctor

Health is our primary asset, and it should be taken care of. Just like your heart or brain, bones also play a crucial role in your body, such as contributing to your structure, safeguarding your organs, securing and anchoring your muscles, storing calcium, and more. Orthopedic doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It is crucial to not neglect your bone health and to check with your orthopedic doctor in case of any afflictions. Elderly people should undergo regular checkups as bones become weaker with age. It is also recommended that you maintain a better bone health lifestyle as early as possible; having strong bones in childhood can complement your bone health throughout your life.

Three ingredients that help in keeping your child’s bones healthy

 As a parent, you can make certain that your child gets these three ingredients that help in keeping your child’s bones healthy:-

  • Calcium – Make sure your child is getting calcium-rich food regularly. Calcium is a mineral that aids bone health. It is found in dairy products, legumes, seeds, some nuts, and leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard. Encourage your child to eat more dairy and other calcium-rich foods. If your child dislikes dairy or is lactose intolerant, consult an orthopedic doctor or dietitian for dairy substitutes and the recommended amount of calcium for your child. 
  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D, sometimes called Vitamin D3, is another vital substance that helps our body absorb calcium. But kids can be picky eaters and leave out foods rich in vitamin D ( Salmon, Mushrooms, Cod liver oil, Sardines, and Beef livers). But Vitamin D is important, so doctors may recommend taking vitamin D through supplements. Make sure to consult a physician before giving supplement vitamins to your child. Another way of getting some Vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight. Daily exposure to the sun can help absorb vitamin  D but remember to apply SPF 30 or above sunscreens before sun exposure.
  • Exercise- Motivate your child to get regular exercise. Our muscles and bones grow healthier and stronger the more we put them to use. Encourage your kids to engage in activities like skipping ropes, climbing, and other outdoor weight-bearing activities that enhance bone health. Join in with your child and ensure you and your child get at least an hour of physical activity a day (including weight-bearing workouts).

Orthopedic doctors suggest everyone intakes the recommended amount of Calcium and Vitamin D, but it is for kids and as they grow up into preteens and teens.

Some people avoid consulting an orthopedic doctor assuming that the doctor will recommend surgery or invasive procedures. But it is important to acknowledge and recognize the significance and not neglect medical checkups. A human adult has 206 bones in the body and is prone to getting hip and joint pains, arthritis, osteoporosis, low bone density, rickets, and even bone cancers in rare cases. Older adults are especially susceptible to these diseases. Getting a yearly check-up if you are 60 years or older is vital to detect and diagnose bone diseases early for optimal treatment. Don’t let joint pains and bone diseases take over your life. 

If you are in pain, reach out and book an appointment today to resume a happy and healthy life. It is advisable to get scanned and book a private MRI scan to help you get the diagnosis you need because not just older adults but also teenagers and young adults are at risk of bone diseases, apart from bone fractures; with modern technological advances, where mobile phones and touch keypads are a part of our life,  over usage of smartphones can lead to inflammation in the wrist as tendons that connect to the thumb are constantly at work. This condition is called smartphone fingers, and though they don’t pose major health issues, overusing smartphones can result in discomfort and pain. 

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Orthopedic doctors recommend taking constant breaks from smartphones and giving rest to recover from the pain. Even athletes and sports personnel need to keep up with their check-ups and appointments in case of injury or to optimize for better performances. 

Ortho provides the best treatments for bone disorders, pain, and discomfort in the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In a usual orthopedic appointment, you can expect questions about your medical history, recommendations for diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and MRI scans, and other physical tests to evaluate your conditions better. It may be followed by check-ups to keep an eye on your prognosis, and the doctor may assess and guide you on the lifestyle you need to follow. 

Do not avoid visiting your doctors. A prompt check-up can ensure a healthy life.

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