February 7, 2023 12:18 AM
Best VPN Apps for Android Phones in 2022

This article will reveal the top 5 VPN applications available for the Android phone system. The android phone has become very common nowadays, and you will never find a person unaware of Android technology. VPNs are a need of people, and there are several reasons we need to use VPNs.

I am also a VPN user so I can give the best 5 Android VPNs according to my observations. I want to clarify that these 5 products are listed according to my observations, and I’ve personally used these apps.

Most Popular VPN Apps For Android Phones in 2022

Well, some VPN apps are free of cost, but some others are paid and demand a huge amount of money to use them. I like the services of all these products, but I liked SurfShark VPN, and I will reveal the reason too, stay tuned.

HotSpot VPN App

Hotspot VPN application is the most demanded application for the Android system. I’ve used the paid version, and I will also recommend using the paid version because the internet speed is very swift in the paid version.

This app is also good for those who can’t afford the paid service since several VPN servers are free. You can use the United States of America’s VPN free of cost. The other free locations are Canada and the Netherlands.

The product’s pricing is affordable too, and I bought the yearly subscription; you can also avail of the discount when subscribing to the yearly package. The company also offer a subscription for more than one year, and the most important thing is that they provide more discount when you increase the validity of the package.

Master VPN App

Master VPN is the second most popular application listed in the article. I’ve installed this app on my phone because it helps me connect to a virtual location, disappearing from my original IP address. Well, there are some bad uses of the VPN, but always try to use it for a positive purpose.

This application is also available in both free & paid versions. There is no trial version for it, but you can get access to many virtual locations free of cost. You might get dozens of virtual servers on this application. The app does not require enough space, so if your Android device is not expensive, you can still use it on your phone.

The problem is to find a suitable platform where you can get it free of cost. The app is listed on Google Play Store and many other Stores such as 8Mobile Market and Episode. We’re providing a valuable source to download the file free of cost, so Atoz Apk will let you download the Master VPN app.

SurfShark VPN App

SurfShark VPN application is just love. I like the features offered by the company. If you buy the premium version, you will get tons of advantages. I’ve bought the yearly subscription to the Black Sunday Event. They gave the yearly subscription for only 50$, and I was lucky to buy it at the right time because the official pricing is very high, but I got this very reasonably priced subscription. I’m still using it on my phone. Netflix is banned in my area, so I use the SurfShark App to access the content on Netflix.

99VPN App

This application is rated at the 4th spot in the article, which has just launched in the market, but I’ve mentioned it because it is 100% free of cost. You don’t need to sign up for it. This VPN does not require the Sign Up process.

The aim to mention it because I want to tell people that there are a few apps which are 100% free, and there is no need to buy a paid subscription.

ExpressVPN App

ExpressVPN app is spotted in the fifth position in the list, but several features enhance the product’s value in the market. This application also offers a few servers for free, but you need to buy a paid VPN subscription. The best thing is that the amount is very reasonable, but I’ll not recommend buying the monthly subscription is costly because the duration of the product is 30 days, but they are charging more in the monthly package.

The application supports up to 10 devices for a Paid subscription, which is good because all other popular apps provide 5-6 user devices. I forgot to mention one thing that Surfshark App provides unlimited user devices in the paid subscription, and this thing keeps it more popular in the market. I wanted to mention this fact in the SurfShark app section, but I forgot to mention it, but anyways I’m glad that finally, I delivered meaningful information to my users.

Closing Words

Now, I will conclude the article and provide my last views on this article. I’ve reviewed the 5 best apps available in the market. Most of these apps are available for iOS devices too. However, most VPN services are available for desktop variants, too, so get one of the VPNs, and fulfil your needs.

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