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North Goa


The North Goa invites visitors to a magnificent country of beautiful nature, glittering with sea, beach, and sunlight. However, if you believe this area is just about gorgeous sands and blue ocean, you are wrong! The area is definitely a tourist’s pleasure, featuring spectacular forts, old temples, beautiful churches, exciting partying spots, renowned shanty towns, lively thrift shops, rich casinos, as well as a lot of other sights. Everything you have to accomplish is leave your North Goa accommodations and experience this colorful area.

So, are you willing to give yourselves over to the myriad adventures that lie ahead? Browse out a few of North Goa’s most fascinating attractions.

Chapora Fort

When this was portrayed in the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, Chapora Fort attracted the interest of restless minds from all across the nation. It has been known as that of the Dil Chahta Hai Fort by many individuals. The fort, which goes all the way back until 1717, has stood silently eyewitness to the many historic events that have taken place here throughout the years. It really is worth the visit because it is located on a mountaintop overlooking the Chapora River and provides magnificent vistas of the neighboring region.

Chapora is the location.

Every day from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Beach at Vagator

Vagator, a gorgeous beachfront with spectacular red rocks dotting the shoreline, is a pleasure to behold. Big Vagator Beach and Little Vagator Beach are the main two beaches nearby. It really is the ideal spot to kick your toes up and soak up some sunshine, sand, and ocean. If you are looking for some aquatic action, Vagator offers a variety of activities, including jet skiing and parasailing. You may also look forward to the first fantastic nightlife and spectacular scenery.

Beach at Anjuna

Anjuna is known for its gleaming white sands, thrilling water sports, and pulsating entertainment. Anjuna Beach, among the more renowned in the northern portion of Goa, symbolizes everything that the state strives for. 

Watch until the nighttime touches this location and then how it wakes up with such a party atmosphere if the stony shoreline looks appealing during the day. The main beach allure is heightened by the weekly thrift store, which attracts a large number of visitors.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, banana ride, water scooter, and dolphin sighting are all must-do sports.

Aguada Fort

Fort Aguada, one amongst Goa’s most iconic forts, is better defined as magnificent. Although as the waters of something like the Arabian Sea crash itself against the tall gates, the formidable fort has a strategic position. This massive fort, steeped in history, comes from the 17th century and gives a breathtaking perspective of the water that extends out in rear of it. A complex of jail chambers as well as a historic lighthouse, the earliest of this kind in Asia, are among some of the fort’s primary features.

Candolim is the location

Every day from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Beach Baga

Whenever it concerns having a great time in North Goa, Baga Beach is the place to just go. Baga, nicknamed after the Baga brook that flows into the Arabian Sea, seems to be the ideal destination to spend an exciting day already and party deep into the evening by exploring the beachside gatherings. You could do everything there, from water activities to having a tattoo to nearby shops. Baga beach is undoubtedly one of Goa’s top party spots, with cafes and restaurants including Tito’s, Britto’s, and Mambos surrounding the beachfront.

Motorboat rides, scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing, banana rides, river cruises, dolphin trips, windsurfing, and water scooters are all must-do sports.

Beach of Calangute

Calangute is commonly considered to be the “Queen of Goa’s Beaches” for good reason. The area, which stretches between Baga to Candolim, is probably the most vibrant in North Goa. The seashore is a beautiful view, that underlines why it would be nearly constantly packed. Calangute has something for everyone, whether this is seaside enjoyment during the day or jazzy events at night. Owing to the bustling pedestrian marketplace, it was also one of the greatest places in North Goa for just a terrific customer experience.

Speed boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and banana rides are all must-do experiences.

Beach of Candolim

Candolim are among the most tempting locations to visit throughout north Goa just because of its peaceful atmosphere, exhilarating water activities, and fascinating nighttime. There are not really many commercial businesses around here, however, the breathtaking splendor of the coastline more so than compensates.

Candolim remains your smartest choice if you really want to experience daring water-based sports on a tranquil and peaceful beachfront.

Water scootering, dolphin sighting excursions, banana rides, jet skiing, and water surfing are all must-do sports.

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