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A Wanderlust person’s bucket list won’t be filled without this majestic region!! It’s snowy abode mountains with numerous peaks and valleys, Frozen rivers and lakes, beautiful frost landscapes having mist meadows and pine, oak, rhododendron and apple orchards, and Nerve impulsing adventures which have a chance to grasp your life within a second!!  A wonderful region that God gifts us for nurture!!

Yes it’s none other than The Gigantic Himalayas! Pride to our nation!!  A place full of blanket of snow covered over mountains, valleys, grasses having breathtaking landscapes. It’s perfect!! Mostly it’s an admiring place for adventure seekers. It has a lot of adventures which will really tickle the adrenaline rush!! 

The Himalayas are perfect for Trekking. Even for beginners to professionals you can enjoy the experience of trekking, here!! But be careful, in your trail and follow the orders of the guide!! Both mentally and physically fit persons with burning desire to reach the destination will be able to attain a trek here!!

Between July and September, trekking to Tarsar Marsar, Hampta Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes, Valley of Flowers will give you a pleasant experience full of beautiful scenery and landscapes!

If you like snow to the core, then target trekking in between November to April.

You can trek to Sandakphu Phalut, Khopra Ridge and Goechala trek in March to April.

Here are the best Himalayan treks list based on difficulty, pick your favored one and get ready with your backpack, then grab some memorable moments!!

Easy Himalayan Treks

  • Brahmatal Trek
  • Kedarkantha Trek
  • Valley of Flowers Trek
  • Sandakphu – Phalut Trek

Moderate Himalayan  Treks

  • Nag Tibba Trek
  • Roopkund Trek
  • Rupin Pass Trek
  • Pin Parvati Trek

Difficult Himalayan Treks

  • Bara Bhangal Trek
  • pan Patia Col Trek
  • Snow Leopard Trek
  • Chadar Trek

Brahmatal Trek

Enthralling Garhwal Himalayas, gorges, snowy peaks, adoring scenic views around terrains will make your trek as special. you are able to see the astonishing Mt Nandaghunti and Mt Trishul when you reach the top. It’s an amazing trek where you can enjoy and feel nature’s love.

Amount: INR 8,200

Altitude: 10500 ft

Time: 7 Days

Level: Easy – Moderate

Season: January to February, May to June, October.

Kedarkantha Trek

It is a gateway for experiencing snowy trails. To feel the essence of your life in the mountains it’s the perfect place for the mountain adventure seekers in their bucket list! A mesmerizing forest with oak and pine trees, with meadows suitable for best pictures capturing and serene lake with adventurous activities. 

Amount: INR 6,950

Altitude: 12,500 ft

Time: 7 Days

Level: Easy

Season: All seasons

Valley of flowers trek

You are fond of flowers?? Then you must try this place in your trek list!! Mesmerizing rare and exotic flowers which will definitely admire you! In this Valley you will get a captivating view of the colorful valley in the Himalayan range 

Amount: INR 7,250

Altitude: 12,000 ft

Time: 6 Days

Level: Easy

Season: July- September

Sandakphu Phalut Trek

In this trek , You are able to see the Sleeping Budda peak which shape resembles Buddha ‘s sleeping posture. It leads you to Singalila Ridge, which borders India from Nepal. The famous peaks that steeple above 8,000 m, including Mt Everest,, Lhotse and Makalu, Kanchenjunga you can able to see in this trek. 

Amount: INR 19,450

Altitude: 8,000 ft

Time: 6 Days

Level: Easy

Season: All seasons

Nag Tibba Trek

In a mighty Himalayan range, your trek will start with a fascinating view of Swargarohini, Black peaks, Bandarpoonch and Srikanth peak.  Oak ,cider, rhododendron and alpine forest will make your trek an awesome trip.

Amount: INR 3,050

Altitude: 10,000 ft

Time: 3 Days

Level: Moderate

Season: February – June, September – December

Roopkund Trek

Dense virgin forest, stunning brook, greenery views snow clad peaks with narrow passes

will give you a mysterious trekking experience you ever had.

Amount: INR 8,850

Altitude: 16,500 ft

Time: 7 Days

Level: Moderate

Season: May – October

Rupin Pass Trek

Originating from the Garhwal region, this trek has many twists and turns. Trekking through stunning passes, gushing waterfalls, steep climbs, with colorful meadows perfect for taking pictures will give a special experience!!

Amount: INR 16,250

Altitude: 15,256 ft

Time: 7 – 10 Days

Level: Moderate

Season: May – June, September- October

Pin Parvati Trek

Olden Himalayan trek leads to astonishing Spiti valley in your trek with a lot of adventurous activities.This trek is said to be “Valley of God’s”. Here you are able to attain tranquility and serene.

Amount: INR 25,700

Altitude: 17,450 ft

Time: 13 – 16 Days

Level: Moderate

Season: June – October

Bara Bhangal Trek

A  ‘Shepherds Tail Trek’, originated from Manikaran in Kullu Valley dt, Himachal Pradesh. Captivating Spiti valley, Passing through high passes, astonishing terrains, breathtaking scenic Himalayan vistas  will make your trek to be a beautiful one!!

Amount: INR 26,000

Altitude: 4,800 ft

Time: 12  Days

Level: Difficult

Season: June – October

PanPatia Col Trek

On this trek, you are able to visit two of the sacred shrines, Badrinath and Kedarnath. A largest snowfield trek with sudden surprises in the Garhwal Himalayas. You are able to see only a blanket of snow all over you and here the temperature is very low.

Amount: INR 85,000

Altitude: 17,257 ft

Time: 12  Days

Level: Difficult

Season: June & September

Snow leopard Trek

Like snow and want to see snow leopards ?? Then backpack and go here. Snow Leopard trek is in Hemis National park where you are able to see cute white leopards and then exhilarating views of landscapes, Himalayan range. Only professional trekkers are able to reach the top. 

Amount: INR 48,600

Altitude: 9,842 ft

Time: 9 Days

Level: Difficult

Season: December- March

Chadar Trek

Located amidst the panoramic valleys of Ladakh. Snow-covered Himalayas with a frozen Zanskar river will enthrall you! Best trek where you can challenge your will power. But it is risky, where landslides can occur at a fraction of second. So, be careful and enjoy the trek!

Amount: INR 19,500

Altitude: 11,123 ft

Time: 9 Days

Level: Difficult

Season: January – February.

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